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P9 in Lap 1 then tear off in the brakes that causes front right brake overheating, have to stop to take off the tear off off the brakes, come back to P5, took a 5 seconds penalty for being too quick in pit lane because of a burnt sensor caused by the first issue. Beautiful day!
Sunday 🇧🇪🏁

Wasn’t meant to be. We try again next week!

Read about the day: https://t.co/I9EsGMDo7E

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🇧🇪 Queríamos más, pero P3 era el máximo hoy. Hemos hecho una carrera sólida de principio a fin, pero nuestro ritmo no ha sido suficiente para llevarnos la victoria. Hora de analizar y preparar la carrera de la próxima semana en Zandvoort.


🇧🇪 We wanted more but P3 was the maximum. We executed a solid race from start to finish, but today our pace just wasn’t quick enough to hold on for the win. Time to analyze and prepare for the next race in one week at Zandvoort.


Great day for the whole team! We suffered with a bad start, but we managed to recover for a great team result! Now up to Netherlands. #BelgianGP
¡Gran día para el equipo!
Sufrimos con una mala arrancada, pero recuperamos un buen resultado para el equipo. Ahora a Holanda 👊🏻
Australian GP called off!
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Full results from qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix at Red Bull Ring, round 9 of the 2021 Formula 1 season.
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