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For the first time we are covering Formula One here at F6P and I couldn’t be any more excited to be the one to write about it. I hope you guys enjoy the ride with me, so let’s buckle in for a long season. This week I’m going to be giving you my 2022 F1 Saudi Arabian GP Picks.
In this article, I will be going over last week’s results, track details, how to play, what to expect, and who should be in your DFS lineups on Sunday. *Those picks will be out Saturday after Qualifying*
Without further ado, welcome to the 2022 Formula One Saudi Arabian GP article.
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Last week the F1 season kicked off at the Bahrain GP.  For 57 laps, it was pure chaos in the desert of Sakhir. Charles LeClerc and Max Verstappen duked it out for P1 and P2 in front of a raucous crowd. LeClerc started to pull away until a Pierre Gasly retirement brought out the safety car, bunching up the field.
Max Verstappen had a chance to overtake Charles LeClerc, but an error on Verstappen’s part cost him this chance. On lap 54, Verstappen had to retire his car to the pits. This left Charles LeClerc with an easy win, and a Ferrari P1, P2. Thanks to Carlos Sainz.
In other news from the race, Lewis Hamilton was able to podium (P3), with his new teammate George Russell finishing 4th. All in all, a good day for Mercedes after having problems throughout testing.
Red Bull didn’t score any points (Verstappen and Perez DNF), McLaren struggles and finishes P14 (Daniel Ricciardo) and P15 (Lando Norris). In surprising news, Kevin Magnussen finishes 5th for HAAS, and Alfa Romeo scores points from both drivers (P6 and P10).
If every race is going to look like this, the 2022 F1 season is going to be quite a doozy this year.
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There were a few changes to the track after drivers had some complaints. The changes were mainly to help the drivers’ racing line visibility.
This is the second race ever at Jeddah and it’s also the second race of the season. Two’s are running wild over here.
In last year’s penultimate race, Lewis Hamilton battled Max Verstappen in an enthralling, but controversial race. There were some driver incidents (Verstappen brake check, Lewis cutting corner), some yelling amongst drivers/team bosses (Mercedes and Red Bull), and it all led to a Lewis Hamilton win that tied the points up going into the last race.
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Saturday’s qualifying session was a wild one, with two red flags occurring.
The first one was Nicholas Latifi crashing in Q1. The second crash, though, was much more brutal. In Q2, Mick Schumacher hit a concrete wall at 170 MPH.
As of right now, Schumacher looks to be in stable condition. He will miss the GP on Sunday though.
*Pair a constructor with one of their drivers*
There are only two choices here. Personally, I would rather have Red Bull over Ferrari this weekend.
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I’m going for the savings this week. Red Bull looks just as fast as Ferrari and a Red Bull will start from P1 (Perez). Max Verstappen, arguably, is the most talented driver on the grid. He should be able to improve upon his P4 starting position. Don’t put it past him to win this race as well.
As for Sergio Perez, winning will be tough with the Prancing Horses behind him and Max. Fear not though, barring any troubles, he should still be battling for the podium.
*Taking Red Bull as your constructor will give you a more balanced lineup.*
This Ferrari team is still the best team on the grid. If you think you can afford to pay up for them, do it.
Charles LeClerc has been fastest in FP1, FP2, and FP3. Unfortunately for LeClerc, Sergio Perez threw down a mega lap for pole. He will start from P2. Carlos Sainz looks just as good this weekend, he was top-4 in every session this weekend. Don’t be afraid to spend up on Ferrari.
*You will have to do some bargain-hunting. Look for cheap drivers like Yuki Tsunoda (3, 600) and Esteban Ocon (5, 600).*
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It’s between Max Verstappen and Charles LeClerc for me. I’m leaning towards Max Verstappen over Charles LeClerc in most builds. If you want to get wild, try Carlos Sainz as your captain. He has been fast all weekend and will save you some salary.
The Golden Boy, and last year’s World Champion, Max Verstappen is my pick for the Captain draft slot. He has been second fastest all week in practice, so we know he’s got the speed. Not to mention, he is arguably the most talented driver on the grid.
In a weird turn of events, Max was only able to qualify 4th. The start of this race is uber important for Max and everyone who will be putting him as their captain. I expect him to be aggressive as always on the start and find himself in first or second.
If he can do this, he should easily handle Sergio Perez and take the lead from him. This won’t be the case if LeClerc gets out in front right away. Either way, we are in for quite the battle on Sunday.
Max Verstappen has the opportunity to gain points based on gaining positions and he should be able to beat out his teammate Sergio Perez. Add on the possibility of the fastest lap, leading laps, and a possible win and you got a recipe for the top-scoring driver this weekend.
The championship leader has been looking great this weekend. Charles LeClerc has been fastest through every session, except for qualifying. He’s going to cost a pretty penny, but he can easily run away with this race like he ended up doing last week.
Charles LeClerc will be starting from P2, so there isn’t much opportunity for him to gain points based on positions gained. Your best hope with Charles will be for him to get to the front and lead as many laps as he can. He should be able to beat out Carlos Sainz as well.
The bad news about choosing LeClerc is that you will have to go bargain-bin hunting. To me, that’s a risk I don’t want to take.
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The move from Mercedes to Alfa Romeo seems to have paid off for Bottas. Last week, he out-qualified the man who replaced him at Mercedes (George Russell). This week, he out-qualifies his former teammate Lewis Hamilton.
What a way to start the season Mr. Bottas. Kudos to you.
He finds himself on the must-have list because he is performing really well right now. In the practice sessions, he placed P3, P9, and P5. He was then able to qualify P8.
Bottas will beat out his teammate (Zhou) and should gain a few positions as well. Lock him in.
Esteban Ocon has been solid all weekend, putting up a P6, P8, and P8 in practice sessions. There are a lot of reasons why I have Ocon on the must-have list this week.
First off, he starts P5.
Secondly, this Alpine team is looking fast this weekend and Ocon looks to be the fastest of the two.
And last but not least, his form is impeccable right now. Not known to be a front-runner, but Ocon has finished no lower than 9th in his last five races. Get him into your lineups.
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Never count out the Honey Badger. It’s been a struggle for Ricciardo to start the season, but he is starting from P12. All he needs to do is get past his teammate Lando Norris and get into the points. That should be enough to help you out in your lineups.
Yuki Tsunoda was not able to participate in Qualifying on Saturday. This means he will be starting from the back of the grid (P20). He finds himself on this list because there is nowhere else to go but up. Yuki has been pretty solid all weekend, placing himself in the top ten in all practice sessions.
If Yuki can sneak his way into the points, which he has done in two of his last three races, he could be the best value this weekend.

That should do it for the first-ever Formula One article here at F6P. I hope you enjoyed it, let’s win some money.
Thanks again for reading the 2022 F1 Saudi Arabian GP Picks article.
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