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23rd March 2022, 8:22 | Written by
Join us on RaceFans Live throughout every session of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow RaceFans.
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Jere (@jerejj)
23rd March 2022, 8:56
Friday & Saturday session timings got brought forward by an hour from the initial ones published last month.
How surprising, given how many last two season event timings changed past the regular January-February simultaneous release.
However, I didn’t anticipate changes for SA GP, considering how early into the season this one occurs, but I can definitely see changes for at least Abu Dhabi GP Saturday & Azerbaijan GP Sunday timings (Russian GP race day was among these specific events pre-cancellation).
Back to the upcoming event, since they bothered altering the schedule, I wish they’d also bring forward the race so that FP2-QLF-race start times would all be 19:00.
What I’d like even more is 18:00 as this would give an Abu Dhabi GP sky backdrop with sunset times at 18:35 (practice day) & 18:36 (QLF & race day).
Nothing prohibits another so-called day-to-night event, so I don’t know what’s wrong with doing more with such a backdrop. I prefer changing sky colors during a session over an entirely dark sky throughout.
Jere (@jerejj)
23rd March 2022, 9:07
Edit: I mixed-up practice & QLF day timings over Europe’s clock change on race day, so no changes, i.e., still 20:00 locally for FP2-QLF-race.
However, my other points stand, i.e., my preference for 18:00 & 19:00 over 20:00 as local timings & that later timing changes for different events are possible.
wsrgo (@wsrgo)
23rd March 2022, 9:12
Who does this schedule benefit? People in the Pacific Islands? This is well past bedtime for everyone between India and Australia.
davidhunter13 (@davidhunter13)
23rd March 2022, 14:59
Would be nice to see the GP details and tv times return to the burger menu on race week. It’s disappeared this season on the site.
Jere (@jerejj)
23rd March 2022, 17:42
@davidhunter13 Burget menu? Burger menus don’t contain any TV programming nor GP info, LOL.
Euro Brun (@eurobrun)
25th March 2022, 8:34
@davidhunter13 you’re right! Just spotted this now. Had to go searching to get back here.
@keithcollantine this might just be an android / chrome thing, but there used to be a section in the drop down menu for the current race to quickly get to all the various relevant articles. Thanks 👍
Love Tea
25th March 2022, 12:32
Yes, completely agree. I have to trawl through pages of articles to find the TV times now. A real pain when it could just be a quick link on the menu. Love the site otherwise though.
sato113 (@sato113)
26th March 2022, 9:13
Yes!!! Where has it gone?! @keithcollantine
25th March 2022, 12:06
I thought F1 was returning to 90 minutes free practice sessions on Fridays this year? An hour each it is then!
rsp123 (@rsp123)
26th March 2022, 13:23
Would be great to have a link to the TV times on the home page, as you used to.
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