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The organisers of the Belgian Grand Prix say they are willing to make changes to ensure the race remains on the Formula 1 calendar.
Spa-Francorchamps is one of the most iconic motor racing venues in the world, but it finds itself at risk of dropping off of the F1 calendar, as several other historic tracks do, if it cannot find a new deal with the sport.
Indeed, with the influx of new venues like Miami, Las Vegas and Saudi Arabia, and the money they bring, the more traditional circuits are up against the ropes trying to ensure they can compete.
They’re not going to offer the same financial clout, of course, but the heritage and prestige they offer surely carries value in other ways, and many will hope that agreements can be found to ensure the likes of Spa remain on the calendar.
Stijn de Boever, the commercial director of Spa Grand Prix – the organisation that looks after putting on the Belgian Grand Prix – has hinted he’s willing to buy into the approach the newer venues have on bringing more entertainment to fans over a race weekend, too, in order to keep Spa on the schedule:
“It’s true that there has been a request from F1 to bring more entertainment.
“They said history is great, but we need more. We have decided to listen and follow their new way of delivering F1 events. The American way, with all the entertainment that goes with it.
“We are planning all sorts of entertainment, with DJs, exclusive events, fans zones and activations around the circuit. You can say our legendary grand prix will also get the necessary bling. If we want to continue hosting races in the future, we have to modernise.”
Spa’s contract expires this season and so hopefully a deal can be sorted in the near future to ensure it is on the 2023 calendar and beyond.
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