Bernie Ecclestone wants to see Mick Schumacher in a Mercedes car, says he has the "ability to survive" in F1 – Sportskeeda

Mick Schumacher has what it takes to succeed in F1, according to the sport’s former supremo, Bernie Ecclestone.
Schumacher’s difficult time thus far in 2022 has led to some doubts being raised about his future in the sport. Haas boss Günther Steiner’s open admonishing of the German after his car-splitting crash at the 2022 F1 Monaco GP did not help his cause, especially after his earlier crash in Saudi Arabia.
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Ecclestone feels Steiner’s approach to dealing with Mick Schumacher has not been the best for the young German. In an interview with RTL/ntv in Germany, the 91-year-old said:
Ecclestone also feels the conversation around Mick Schumacher would be different if his father, Michael Schumacher, were present in the F1 paddock. The Briton felt the seven-time world champion would show Steiner the ropes. The senior Schumacher currently resides in Switzerland, away from the public eye, after a near-fatal skiing accident at the end of 2013.
Mick Schumacher is in a difficult position at Haas, according to Ecclestone, who said:
Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has previously said that the junior Schumacher is someone he follows, despite the 23-year-old’s obvious connections to Ferrari and their driver academy.
Haas F1 team principal Günther Steiner was criticized by former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher for his reaction to Mick Schumacher‘s crash during the 2022 F1 Monaco GP.
Ralf Schumacher is the younger brother of Mick’s father, seven-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher, and raced in the sport for the likes of Jordan, Williams, and Toyota between 1997 and 2007.
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Speaking in an interview with Sky Germany after the aforementioned crash at the 2022 F1 Monaco GP, where Steiner was openly critical of his nephew, Ralf Schumacher said:
Schumacher, who won six race wins and 27 podiums during his career, went on to add:
He also hinted at a move for Mick Schumacher in the future if things don’t pan out at Haas, saying:
Mick is yet to score a point in the sport and will hope to finally open his account at the upcoming 2022 F1 British GP.


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