Carlos Sainz aims to not 'look like an idiot' after 2022 F1 Singapore GP – Sportskeeda

Carlos Sainz believes the Marina Bay circuit was not a physical challenge for him, but he lacked confidence in the pace during the race. The Spaniard also said he will have to figure out why the mixed grip level conditions did not work for him at the 2022 F1 Singapore GP.
Asked by Sportskeeda in the post-race press conference if the physicality of the circuit and intermittent conditions posed a challenge in the race, the Ferrari driver replied:
Carlos Sainz was asked about the reasons behind his lack of pace at the 2022 F1 Singapore GP, where the mixed grip level conditions were expected to be his forte. Responding to the question, the Spaniard assured that his lack of pace in such conditions in Singapore won’t be repeated in the future. The Ferrari driver, however, felt he lacked pace and was unable to perform as confidently as he expected. Unable to understand the drop in pace, Sainz claimed he needed to work with his engineers and garage to investigate the performance loss.
Carlos Sainz claimed he lost confidence during the 2022 F1 Singapore GP after finding it difficult to keep up with teammate Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez ahead of him. Finishing third in the end, the Ferrari driver drove a lone race which he believes was due to the tires. He cited his inability to extract performance from the intermediate tires as the reason for his loss of confidence during the race.
Describing his lone race around the Marina Bay circuit, Carlos Sainz said:
The Ferrari driver has managed to recover points with his recent top-five performances. He is, however, still trailing in fourth place in the drivers’ championship behind George Russell, who has had a consistent top-five streak until Singapore in an inferior Mercedes. Carlos Sainz will now have to consistently maintain a podium streak to be able to challenge Sergio Perez for third place in the championship.

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