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Similar to the Singapore GP, the Japanese GP also returns to the fold after a covid-induced hiatus. Every driver associates each track with their own particular reason and it can be hard to predict. However, we are sure what tragic memory Charles Leclerc associates with the Suzuka Circuit.
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The Monegasque lost his godfather and friend Jules Bianchi after his accident at the Circuit. Bianchi, 25 at the time, was driving for a team called Marussia, but, like Leclerc, he was also a Ferrari academy driver. His accident in 2014, leading to his eventual demise in 2015, is the last time an F1 driver lost their life due to a track incident.
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Bianchi’s dream was to drive for the Scuderia, which he never fulfilled. The Frenchman lost his life before making the switch to his dream team. Bianchi was a role model for Leclerc and also the one who took him to Maranello for the first time in his life. Leclerc often speaks about his late godfather and fulfilling his dream, which he has already done.
The Monegasque remembered his godfather this year with a post on Instagram on his death anniversary, 17th July. The post captioned, “7 years since you are gone 🤍🕊” features the two at a young age.
Charles Leclerc Receives the ‘Best Compliment’ as Jules Bianchi Lives on In the Ferrari Star’s Memory 7 Years After His Death
3 months ago
Now, after a covid break, the Japanese GP returns to the calendar and it will surely bring back memories. It’ll be sad for Leclerc as he will race on the same track where his friend had a terrible crash.
A fan, ahead of the Japanese GP, touched the emotional nerve of the Ferrari Monegasque. The fan shared a photo with the caption, “By his side from day one, I like to think that this weekend Jules will be with Charles even more ❤️.”
The tweet caught Leclerc’s attention and the Ferrari man could not help but react to the tweet.
❤️ https://t.co/T6Bnyy3ROh
— Charles Leclerc (@Charles_Leclerc) October 7, 2022

The reaction from Leclerc obviously caught the Twitter fandom’s attention, and the Tifosi flocked to the social media app to share their reactions as well.
why are you doing this to me pic.twitter.com/3YYMMB1awH
— vic (@leclercsbby) October 7, 2022

❤️ pic.twitter.com/SvyLBlbEJR
— Berkay (@bdotsenol) October 7, 2022

I’m sure he is very proud of you Charles ❤️
— Cande (@candeleclerc16) October 7, 2022

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Charles 🥹 pic.twitter.com/7OveHbIZnF
— prags🧃 (@sainzagenda) October 7, 2022

Always in our heart 😭❤️ #ForeverJules
— |𝓘𝓼𝓪| (@httpisaf) October 7, 2022

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jules is always watching over you and so proud of you charles 🥹❤️
— steph ⁵ ¹⁶ | lion of singapore 🦁🇸🇬 (@wtrmelonsebchal) October 7, 2022

— noemi 🏎 (@noemiricciardo) October 7, 2022
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Safe to say, Leclerc’s reaction to the tweet has got his entire fanbase feeling a certain way. The majority reassured Leclerc of how proud Bianchi would be of him.
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