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We’re joined by FastestPitStop for a brand new column feature. Look out for it regularly and be sure to check out @FastestPitStop on Twitter and Discord!
As I’m writing this, I’m in my hotel room in Belgium, together with most staff members. The land of waffles, chocolate and very good racing tracks!
If you’re wondering who I am, I go under the name of FastestPitStop. I’ve been working in Formula 1 for about 8 years now and it’s been great, don’t get me wrong, but there are countless downsides as well, including waking up at the craziest times on race weekends, not being able to see your family for most of the year, and having to run around like a headless chicken on most race weekends.
However, I do enjoy it. If you’re reading this you probably want to work in F1, or had some thoughts about what working in F1 is like. Well let me tell you, I’ve had quite a handful of people ask me “what’s the best way of getting a job in F1?” and I always told them that If you want to work in any kind of industry these days, even the littlest experience helps a lot.
Whether it’s an internship or a part-time job, job recruiters often look at what experience you have with certain things in F1. So let’s say you want to be a future engineer in F1, then an internship where you have to learn about engineering will help excessive amounts. Also standing out helps a lot, make your CV stand out by adding some things that most people won’t think of. 
Another crucial point is connections in the sport, in fact that’s how I got hired at the current F1 team I work for. Connections are crucial in F1, and it’s easy to find some! You can easily make connections via LinkedIn and ask current employees for advice as well. 
With that being said, I’m happy to be back in Belgium. It’s a great event except for last year’s race which we won’t mention too much!
Despite being a great race track, its contract does expire at the end of this season. There’s been plenty of rumours before and during the summer break. However, it’s looking like it will stay for one more season at least, as the South African GP isn’t ready just yet partly because of financial reasons, but it will be in serious contention for a 2024 slot.
Recently it looked like the start of 2023 was sorted with the first race being in Bahrain on March 5 with a break and Saudi Arabia back-to-back with Australia, on March 19 and March 26. However, it now seems that this idea has been put on hold for now, although the race promoters from Australia and Saudi Arabia were present in Budapest.
There’s still plenty of uncertainty with the calendar, as nobody really knows where Imola, Barcelona, Baku, China and Belgium will fall. 
What I can say is that the Australian Grand Prix will be the opening race in 2024 and 2025. The Middle Eastern races need to take place later because of Ramadan.
Also, something in recent days that has happened is rumours surfacing linking Mick Schumacher to Alpine. Mick’s contract with the Ferrari Driver Academy expires this year, and he hasn’t renewed it as of yet. He essentially is a free agent and a week or so ago he followed Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, on social media.
The interesting thing about this is that only Alpine-related drivers follow Rossi on Instagram. I have personally heard some rumours that there are a lot of tensions between Haas and Schumacher, and that talks are advancing with Alpine. 
It’s almost certain that Oscar Piastri will have the McLaren seat, with McLaren confirming that Daniel Ricciardo is leaving at the end of 2022.
And on that note, I will sign off for now. If you wish to be kept up to date with the latest about any of this, don’t be afraid to follow my Twitter page or join my Discord server!
See you after Belgium…
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