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F1 action will storm Vegas streets in the fall next year.
In case you've somehow missed Formula 1's meteoric rise to popularity in America, just know that F1 is here to stay. In just the last year, F1 has added two new Grand Prix races to the calendar, and both of them are in the good ol' US of A. And leaked documents confirm the Vegas race is headed to The Strip in November 2023.
Miami's inaugural GP was held this year, and now we know exactly when F1's first Las Vegas Grand Prix since the 1982 Caesar's Palace Grand Prix. Back then, F1 was much smaller and was largely a European affair free of all the marketing and spin-off products (like the AMG One) that we see today.
Sources have confirmed that the race will run from November 16-18 for the 2023 season. Furthermore, the Vegas F1 race will continue to be held on the weekend prior to Thanksgiving every year. The dates were confirmed via a 17-page letter of intent from the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA).
However, as Sports Business Journal reports, the letter of intent (henceforth LOI) is non-binding. It is, as the name suggests, simply there to convey intent. Still, it does give us an idea of what the event might look like. Some of these are boring legalities. For instance, LVCVA will be provided a trackside advertising (via signage) package to promote the city of Vegas. Basically, these are the small billboards you see pinned to a barrier with a Rolex logo on them, for example.
This F1 Grand Prix will, without a doubt be a challenge for the city of Vegas, just as it was for Miami. It must provide 900 marshall volunteers, 1,200 fire extinguishers, 15 cranes, 18 tow trucks and ambulances, and five "medical intervention vehicles" in the name of keeping drivers like Charles Leclerc safe. Vegas must also guarantee 5G data connectivity for the paddock.
All this won't come cheap, as you can imagine. The LVCVA will pay a hefty $6.5 million yearly to help cover various costs outside of the aforementioned safety equipment and 5G upgrades. That included miscellaneous aspects such as security, volunteers, marketing support, and the building of the circuit itself. At least, the aspects of the track that do not already exist. Vegas will be a street circuit, much like Miami.
Funnily enough for a city that never sleeps, the new LOI stipulates that Liberty Dice (F1 parent company Liberty Media's subsidiary) will agree that no on-track action will occur later than 4:30 AM Eastern. That's a small indicator of how late F1 will be running the night race. With Vegas temps dropping into the 60s Fahrenheit in November, that should help keep track temps low, a bonus for teams whose cars can't take the heat.
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