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Formula One will introduce a price cap on spending for its teams for the first time in 2021, but such limitations have been part of the fantasy game version played by millions for some time.
Teams in fantasy F1 are limited to spending $100m of budget on their selections (actually less than the real life teams), so being canny about spending money is nothing new to fantasy managers.
In fact, with dynamic pricing of drivers and constructors in the sport’s official fantasy game, ensuring that you ride the trends upwards could be crucial to having the capital for a better line-up at the next race.
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Each manager gets a budget of $100m to spend on five drivers and one constructor. Driver prices range from Lewis Hamilton at $33.5m to Nikita Mazepin at $5.5m so, as always in these games, we’re looking for valuable drivers in terms of points per buck spent.
Driver prices also go up and down, with the likelihood of that move indicated by a green bar on the driver card that shows “sentiment”, which is a reflection of both performance and how many other managers are buying or selling that driver.
You can make up to three substitutions each race week without incurring a penalty, and your line-up locks when qualifying starts. For the first race of the season your team will be set at 3pm on Saturday 27 March.
You also need to select a “Turbo Driver” each week, whose points will be doubled, but they must be one of those costing under $20m, i.e. not Lewis Hamilton, Max Versatppen or Valtteri Bottas. 
There is also a “Mega Driver” chip, which can be deployed three times a season to triple the points of any driver in your team.
NB positions gained and lost points only apply to finishers and do not compound on top of a DNF
1. Practice makes perfect
It’s not worth making any firm decisions on your team until after Friday’s two practice sessions. They may be shorter this year but they will still give you a decent idea of who is going to be quick over the weekend.
It will also help you work out what other managers think about the field, and which drivers might garner you a significant increase in price over the next few weeks.
2. Money money money
As mentioned above, being able to turn your $100m into something more will go a long way towards getting you big points at the end of the season.
Clearly, drivers who go well early on will increase in value, but it’s worth considering that you need not even own a driver for a whole race to make money on them: prices change constantly during race week, meaning you could use your three free substitutions to pick up profit during the week. For example, you could buy Sergio Perez on Monday morning after he goes well in Bahrain but then sell him before he races again to pick up a small profit, and at the end of the season, that will all add up.
3. Win the midfield battle
With Mercedes likely to dominate at the front again with Red Bull an obvious second, the points are going to be won and lost in the mid-pack this year, because most people will own two of Lewis Hamilton ($33.5m), Max Verstappen ($24.5m) and Mercedes ($38.0m) and then try to fill out the rest. Last season, it was a four-way battle for third – although it became three when Ferrari dropped back. They can be expected to improve a little this year (surely?) while AlphaTauri showed at testing they are ready to be more than just the little sister of Red Bull.
Friday practice will be even more important in that context, but it might be a case of value-hunting in the pack for drivers whose prices will go up, and avoiding overpriced stars who will surely go down.
Charles Leclerc ($16.8m) for example is the second-most expensive driver outside the top two teams, but could be in the sixth-fastest car, and should probably be avoided. Lando Norris ($13.1m) meanwhile is cheaper than Lance Stroll ($13.9m) and consistently outperformed expectations last year.
Pierre Gasly at $11.7m could also be a very valuable pick given he should regularly win his teammate battle against rookie Yuki Tsunoda, and don’t write off George Russell at $6.2m: he has dominated Nicholas Latifi at Williams and is a very capable driver who will really only have the chance to move forward on race day.
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