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30 May 2019
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So Monaco is all over bar the shouting for another year – but which of you chose the optimum squad to hit the streets in Monte Carlo? Here are the best and worst F1 Fantasy teams from the weekend.
With 15,888,904 potential valid team combinations for Monaco, there was but a 0.00000629370% chance of you picking the right assortment of drivers and teams. And yet, a full 156 of you managed it, earning yourselves a collective pat on the back and armfuls of kudos.
Here’s who those 156 cranially over-endowed individuals plumped for – along with the team that you should have avoided at all costs…
Total points: 244
Budget: $97.4 million
Lewis Hamilton: 44 points
George Russell: 15 points
Daniil Kvyat: 18 points
Pierre Gasly: 62 points (Turbo Driver)
Carlos Sainz: 25 points
Constructor: Mercedes – 80 points
Pole and the win meant that Lewis Hamilton was the man to have at the head of your team in Monaco, while fellow Mercedes affiliate George Russell outperformed Williams team mate Robert Kubica on his first visit to the Monegasque boulevards to take a useful 15 points – a decent return for his $6.5 million price tag.
Even better value, however, was Daniil Kvyat, who’ll cost you a pittance at $5.7 million and who both qualified and finished all the way up in seventh, and ahead of team mate Alex Albon, to bring you 18 points.
Just ahead of him on the road was Carlos Sainz, who finished the race a fantastic P6 and makes his third straight appearance in the ‘Best team’, while Pierre Gasly is settling into the uber-Turbo Driver role that he always threatened to be, bringing home a stonking 62 points for those of you who ticked the ‘T’ next to the $16 million Frenchman.
Mercedes, as they have been all year, were the constructor to have.
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Total points: -5
Budget: $70.6 million
Charles Leclerc: -14 points
Nico Hulkenberg: 0 points (Turbo Driver)
Kevin Magnussen: 1 point
Lance Stroll: 4 points
Antonio Giovinazzi: 2 points
Constructor: Alfa Romeo – 2 points
Turns out you could actually spend a fairly decent whack to get the Monaco ‘Worst team’. And unfortunately for home hero Charles Leclerc, he finds himself in that group for the first time this year, following a weekend from hell that saw him fail to make it out of Q1 and then become the race’s only retiree after a failed attempt to pass Nico Hulkenberg that ultimately brought out the Safety Car.
Speaking of Hulkenberg, he’s along for the ‘Worst team’ ride too, the German having summed up his race to Formula1.com by simply blowing a 10-second raspberry (seriously, witness it here) – not very eloquent, but probably about right as he finished down in 12th and netted zero F1 Fantasy points.
His old foe Kevin Magnussen is in the undesirables too, having dropped down the order following Haas’ decision to pit under that Safety Car, with the Dane only recovering to 14th – disappointing, after he’d started a fantastic fifth on the grid. The similarly non race-scoring Lance Stroll (16th) and Antonio Giovinazzi (19th) round out the group, meanwhile, with Giovinazzi’s Alfa Romeo team also taking up the ‘Worst team’ constructor spot after Kimi Raikkonen also failed to score as he finished 17th.
Have you picked your F1 Fantasy team yet? Head here to choose your dream line-up.
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