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Forget Overall, these are the drivers you want on your Formula 1 team!
It’s here at last, but who are the F1 Manager 2022 best drivers?
We all know the F1 grid, and everyone has their opinion about who the best is. But F1 Manager 2022 puts some hard numbers against each driver.
However, the Overall is only a rough guide, and can hide some true gems that your team might benefit from hiring!
F1 Manager 2022 has a comprehensive driver rating system that provides nine different attributes along with a growth and aggression rating that all go into the overall rating that each driver gets.
However, some attributes are more important than others when it comes to performance on the track.
We’ve been able to play and test the game to get a feel for how the attributes work with on-track speed, and can share the results with you now!
The most important attributes are Cornering and Braking. These two attributes determine the speed a driver can carry through the corners and how late they can gets on the brakes.
Basically, they are the two attributes you want for a qualifying god. After that you want Accuracy, which is how well they can follow the racing line and reduces the chance of losing time.
These three attributes are the main things you want to look at for a driver that is fast in qualifying and clear air.
Obviously, when it comes to midfield teams you also want to consider drivers that are kind to their tyres, can overtake, defend, and react appropriately. But for this we are just looking at the FASTEST.
So who meets these criteria? Let’s see…
Of course the reigning World Champion and current championship leader was going to top this countdown!
Verstappen has the highest Cornering (96), Braking (93), and Accuracy (96) in the game, making him an absolute demon behind the wheel.
He’s the one you’re going to want to hire, otherwise you just have to beat him on the track!
Ferrari’s star man is next.
The young Monaguasque comes into F1 Manager 2022 with 90 Cornering, 93 Braking, and 91 Accuracy, making him a fierce competitor on the circuit.
He’s also got better Reactions (91) than Max, but is just behind him for the main stats.
Well here is a surprise!
The veteran Finn brings a stellar set of attributes to this countdown, with 89 Cornering, 91 Braking, and 93 Accuracy.
This is a bit of a shock, but Bottas has claimed 20 pole positions in his career and has always been rapid in clear air.
The shock comes from who we think he is ahead of in F1 Manager…
The seven-time champ only comes fourth on our list.
His 90 Cornering is excellent but it’s the 85 Braking that really lets him down. His Accuracy (88) isn’t exactly superb either.
While his overall of 90 comes from incredible attributes elsewhere, his raw pace in F1 Manager 2022 is surprisingly low.
Fifth is Ferrari’s Spaniard Carlos Sainz.
His 87 Cornering and 93 Braking makes him pretty deadly on one-lap pace. It’s combined with a 90 Accuracy to create a potential world champion if you can fix Ferrari’s strategy calls!
Listed below are the top 11 fastest drivers in the game according to us!
There are certainly a few surprises here, check it out!


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