F1 News: Antonio Giovinazzi says F1 return is still possible, despite America FP1 crash – Sports Illustrated

It was not a great session for Giovinazzi in America.
Antonio Giovinazzi was never seriously considered by Haas to race for the team in 2023, despite reports suggesting as much early in the season. 
In the weeks leading up to Giovinazzi's FP1 run with Haas in Monza, new information revealed that Giovinazzi's Practice runs were in relation to his simulator work with Ferrari more than anything else. 
That said, occasional whispers have lingered that the Italian could make his return to F1 next season.
The 28-year-old's spin in FP1 certainly won't have helped his case, especially with Guenther Steiner and Gene Haas outlining how costly crashes are for the team. 
Nico Hulkenberg's career is significantly more impressive than Giobinazzi's anyway, so it seems unrealistic that Haas would consider Giovinazzi instead of either Hulkenberg or Schumacher for the seat. 
Speaking after the session, Giovinazzi explained his spin – as quoted by racefans.net:
"It's Formula 1, sometimes you deserve to stay and sometimes you don't take the seat. It's just like this. It's racing. 
"For sure, it doesn't help [the crash], but from the other side, I showed already in F1 what I can do. I know that it's not up to this one lap, and a few corners will end my career. 
"So let's see what happens… I did three years in F1. If people want me, it's not because of today, it's in the past what I did and what I will do. So let's see…
"Never say never, to be honest, in F1. We saw what happened with Nyck in Monza. So let's see what happens. But so far, I don't know yet what I will do in 2023."


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