F1 News: Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo and Haas battle for $84 million – Sports Illustrated

There is plenty at stake in the battle of the midfield.
With Max Verstappen and Red Bull in control of both F1 Championships, the midfield is where the remaining positions in the standings will be decided. 
Aston Martin has experienced a resurgence since the summer break, putting themselves within touching distance of sixth-placed Alfa Romeo in the standings.
The likes of Haas and AlphaTauri are also in this fight, though their recent form will likely force them to focus their efforts on eigth in the standings.
Whilst some might overlook the significance of these battles, the ever-reliable AMuS has given some figures to emphasise what is at stake in these midfield fights. 
Presuming the rates from this year continue in 2023, this is how much Liberty Media awards F1 teams as a bonus for the following positions in the constructors:
6th place -> $84 million
7th place -> $75 million 
8th place -> $71 million 
9th place -> $66 million  
Although the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull enjoy the luxury of significant financial support, it should not be overlooked that many teams have far less resources to work with. 
Especially considering the likes of Alfa Romeo and Haas are currently spending less than than the budget cap (they are actively trying to close this gap) these bonuses become of even greater importance. 
With the 2023 season not far away, there will be very few upgrades of any meaning in the final four rounds of the season. 
Teams will therefore be focusing on maximising their current packages; with reliability, strategy and driver error set to play a crucial role in their final championship positions. 
Alfa Romeo is a team whose form has collapsed as the year has progressed, scoring just one point since the Canadian GP. 
This can be attributed to a general loss in performance, with the likes of Alpine and McLaren scoring points more consistently higher in the midfield. 
Fellow Ferrari-powered team Haas is suffering from a similar drop in form, pointless in the races since the summer break. 
AlphaTauri is scoring points on a sporadic basis, though this is nothing compared to the operational and performance-based improvements of Aston Martin, who continue to climb the standings. 
With just four rounds left in 2022, it will be crucial for these teams to maximise their potential and secure the vital funds up for grabs at the end of the year. 


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