F1 News: Aston Martin prepare for "aggressive" development to lead the midfield in 2023 – Sports Illustrated

Aston Martin looks to continue its momentum.
Aston Martin can be pleased with its steady progress throughout the season but will be eager to take even greater strides forward in 2023.
The Silverstone-based team introduced significant changes at the Spanish GP, committing to an entirely new aerodynamic concept for the remainder of these regulations. 
The first few rounds proved extremely difficult for Aston Martin, but they have rapidly ascended the constructors' standings in the second half of the season. 
With Fernando Alonso arriving as Sebastian Vettel's replacement, the pressure on Aston Martin to deliver competitive machinery will not relent in 2023. 
These are undoubtedly encouraging signs for the British squad, but they are still far from contesting for Formula 1's major honours. 
Tom McCullough, Aston Martin's Performance Director, has explained the team's objectives for next year's campaign:
"We want to get to the front of the midfield pack and then start charging ahead – to do that, we've got to be aggressive.
"We tried to be as aggressive as we could this year, but with the budget cap and resources available, this has been difficult. 
"There are parts that we would love to have made. The front wing, for example, is largely the same as the one with which we started the year.
"There's so much we could have done, but we couldn't afford to within the budget cap – especially after the significant changes made to our car in Barcelona. 
"The Formula has changed somewhat. Now, it's about trying to pick the upgrades that will give you the best performance versus the cost. 
"For 2023, we've got to put all our ideas and learnings from this year together to deliver a significantly better car. 
"It's all relative, though, as every other team will be doing the same. 
"We think the path we're now on is the right one, and we'll be able to iterate our 2023 car to consistently deliver more performance, rather than having to change concept mid-season."


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