F1 News: Audi's F1 goals – "We want to win races within three years" – Sports Illustrated

Audi is ambitious about it’s goals in F1.
Audi's F1 announcement was met with near-unanimous excitement from fans and media alike, with the German brand setting out 2026 as the year to make its entry. 
The plan will be to introduce their own engines as a manufacturer team in the sport, though Audi is yet to name which team they will join forces with (given that they will not be joining as a new entry). 
Entering a sport with the complexity of Formula 1 is a difficult task, but Audi seems confident they can compete against the biggest namefrom their first campaign. 
The CEO of Audi's F1 project – Adam Baker – has outlined some of the team's ambitions, as quoted by the Spanish outlet El Confidencial:
"We are already developing our power unit. The FIA is working on the regulations for the chassis, then we will talk with our current partner [Sauber?] to develop the car.
"We will wait for the tests in 2025, possibly in Spain, and the first race will be in 2026.
"We would love to be competitive from the beginning. Although you have to be realistic, we want to win races within three years. 
"With the regulation changes and everyone working within the limits of the budget cap, the situation is not the same as in the past, where some teams would have an advantage. 
"In this situation, three years is a realistic objective." 


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