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Ricciardo is confident that he can make a comeback.
The next twelve months will be crucial for Daniel Ricciardo as he looks to re-establish himself on the grid in 2024. 
Ricciardo has been regarded as a top-5 talent for the majority of his F1 career, but his two years with McLaren have significantly damaged this glowing reputation. 
The 33-year-old will need to carefully read the market next season to maximise his options for a 2024 comeback, but Ricciardo still believes that his future is in his fans. 
As quoted by gpfans, Ricciardo explained how the performances of Alonso and Hamilton act as inspiration:
"My team were trying to put together a plan that I believe in, that is going to set me up for success in the long term.
"I know I'm 33, but I look at Alonso, I look at Lewis and if I want to be here, and I still know I have it in my heart, then I know I can. 
"It's really not just looking at next year and jumping into the first available seat. 
"I want to say it's not new, but I'm trying to look a little bit beyond that and back myself to be winning races again."
Having accumulated eight race victories and 32 podiums in F1, Ricciardo is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the paddock.
However, his name alone will not guarantee opportunities at the top teams in 2024, so Ricciardo must prove that he can expertly take advantage of openings in the market. 


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