F1 News: Fans Poke Fun At Red Bull Cost Cap Saga: "W14 With Red Bull's Financial Team" – Sports Illustrated

Mercedes fans are making the most of the cost cap breach drama.
Mercedes recently released a video of Lewis Hamilton racing alongside a jet and it's safe to say fans have gone crazy for it. 
With Red Bull exceeding the cost cap in the 2021 F1 season, fans are taking this and running with it whilst poking fun at the team.
Mercedes shared the promotional video to YouTube in the run up to the Austin Grand Prix this weekend. We see Hamilton taking on the jet in his 2021 F1 car, the W12. Fans later found on from a post shared by Hamilton on his Instagram, that he was recording himself whilst racing one handed.
One fan commented on the YouTube video alluding to the fact that Max Verstappen could lose his 2021 championship win as it was revealed that Red Bull went over the cost cap budget. If Verstappen does lose the championship, it would mean that Hamilton would have his eight championship win. They wrote:
"This ladies and gentlemen will be the car that gives Lewis his 8th championship"
Many fans couldn't resist joking about Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff "misinterpretting" the budget for next year. One fan commented on Instagram:
"W14 after Toto misinterpreted the budget cap rules !"
Twitter user @MartinBashforth commented on the video, saying:
"Seriously cool!!! That would be the W14 with Red Bull's financial team.
"Sorry, couldn't resist"
Another Twitter user, @The_TechNation, wrote: 
"Plot twist Lewis is racing in the jet after totos interpretation of the budget" [sic]


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