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Max Verstappen leads the Formula One World Championship heading to the British Grand Prix as the 2022 season heats up. Verstappen now has a commanding lead at the top of the standings as Red Bull benefited from Ferrari’s issues.
Despite being almost 50 points behind Charles Leclerc after the third race of the season, the momentum has shifted. Verstappen has won every race he has finished this season bar one, while Leclerc’s early advantage has capitulated due to a series of issues.
The Ferrari star suffered two mechanical failures in the last four races in Spain and Azerbaijan. He was out of place at the Canadian Grand Prix after taking a grid penalty for engine parts while he also lost out in Monaco due to a strategy error from his team.
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Red Bull look to have hit the panic button, and will be copying arch rivals Mercedes with a series of mid-season upgrades.
Hamilton returned to the podium in Canada and both himself and the Mercedes team outlined that much can, and will, be done in the coming weeks.
As a result Helmut Marko, an advisor to Red Bull, confirmed that updates would be coming at Silverstone as Max Verstappen will bid to keep Hamilton and Charles Leclerc at arm’s length in the driver’s standings.
George Russell has attacked Mercedes rivals for prioritising performance over safety. 
The Mercedes driver claimed drivers had changed their minds over bouncing issues since realising their car was running well under the current rules.
He said: There’s obviously a lot of mixed agendas here from different teams and drivers.”And we’ve heard it from Carlos [Sainz] at times, and Checo and Max [Verstappen] earlier in the season, how bad it’s been.”But now their performance seems to be strong, they obviously don’t want changes because it can only hinder them.”
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Michael Schumacher would have hit back at Guenther Steiner’s criticism of his son Mick, according to Bernie Ecclestone. 
The former F1 boss appeared to criticise Steiner’s approach, claiming Mick needed someone to help him
He explained: “If Michael was here, he would tell Gunther where to go. That would help a lot.”
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Max Verstappen is a ‘racing monster’ designed by his father Jos, according to F1 pundit and touring car star Tom Coronel. 
He warned the Dutchman had been “programmed” by Jos to always be on “attack mode” when behind the wheel.
Speaking exclusively to Express Sport, Coronel said: “He has been brought up by Jos [Verstappen].“And Jos, okay some people can say it’s not good that you put so much pressure on your kids when you’re so young.“But this is what you create, you create a racing monster.”
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Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have been issued a warning by Mercedes over their British Grand Prix chances.
Speaking to Auto, Motor und Sport, a Mercedes enginner said the team cannot make the car a “Ferrari or Red Bull”.
They said: “Our performance at the moment depends only on the set-up. But no set-up in the world will make this car a Red Bull or a Ferrari.”
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Pierre Gasly will stay with AlphaTauri for the 2023 season just months after being denied a promotion to Red Bull. 
The team have just confirmed the Frenchman will stay for next season despite rumours he could leave the Red Bull fold. 
Gasly said: “I have been with this team for five years now and I am proud of the journey we’ve been through together and the progress we have made. I’m happy to remain with my Scuderia AlphaTauri team.
“This year’s new regulations have created new challenges for us and being able to plan our development with the team for the next 18 months is a good working basis for the future.”  

pierre gasly f1 news
Helmut Marko has warned reliability issues could play a major role in the 2022 title race. 
Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc have both suffered issues this seaosn with four mechanical failures between them.
Verstappen now lies 49 points ahead of Leclerc after two retirements from the last four races for the Ferrari star.
Marko said: “Reliability is always a concern if you have a car that is so much on the limit.
“You see that at Ferrari. The only ones who don’t have a technical DNF yet is Mercedes, but they had to lift during some races because of overheating problems.”
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Christian Horner has warned the championship might get decided in court at the end of the season if teams break the budget cap rules. 
He claimed at least half the teams on the grid could breach the limits by the end of the year which could lead to retrospective penalties. 
He said: “We don’t want a championship decided in law courts, or in Paris in front of the FIA.
“We’ve got six months of the year to address this, we need to act now.”
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Tennis is getting the Netflix treatment this year with the aim to sex up the sport like the screeching success of Drive to Survive in Formula 1. As sports seek to attract a new, younger audience, the American streaming giant’s cameras are now in London to film the fly-on-the-wall reality show of life on the tour.
It has already been dubbed Drive Volley to Survive – and all the players are anxious to see the results.
Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve has highlighted the two key areas where Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc can improve if he wants to beat Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to the world championship. The Monegasque driver sits 49 points behind Verstappen after he came from 19th in the grid in the Canadian Grand Prix to finish fifth.

The Dutchman did however claim another win to extend his lead, and Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez also moved ahead of Leclerc as Villeneuve questioned whether the 24-year-old can cut out mistakes and handle the pressure of beating Verstappen. “He’s super-quick, but right now he still makes a few little mistakes that he shouldn’t,” Villeneuve told the F1 Nation podcast. “Imola, for example, then he’s not helped by the team. That’s the energy they all have together.
“Right now we know he’s fast, he’s aggressive, is he a world champion? Is he like Max, how is he under pressure when it’s money time for the championship? That’s what we still need to find out.”

Charles Leclerc has struggled recently
Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are set for a boost in their bid to close the gap to Ferrari and Red Bull. 
Mercedes have dropped down the FIA’s ATR handicap system and will receive 10 per cent extra windtunnel time. 
It means the Silver Arrows will have some extra time to get on top of next year’s car.
lewis hamilton george russell
Toto Wolff could be blamed if Mercedes cannot get a handle on their 2022 car issues, according to Christian Danner. 
He claimed the Mercedes boss “is repsonsible” for delivering a good car.
It comes after the Silver Arrows continue to struggle with their 2022 challenger.
Danner said: “Let me put it this way, Hamilton has already been written off by many people, especially the journalists, but only on Hamilton can it still be done
“It’s the same as with other top drivers, he needs his car. If he doesn’t come along, it’s Toto Wolff’s fault. He is responsible for delivering a good car.”
toto wolff mercedes f1
Jacques Villeneuve has blamed Lewis Hamilton for Mercedes poor start to the new season. 
The 1997 champion claimed Hamilton has not been driving to his maximum potential so far this season after securing just two podiums.
Villeneuve said: “Lewis still, you could see, was dragging his arms on the ground a little bit. Lewis needs to have this start to go and get to be at his 100 per cent form.
“This year you have the impression he has not been driving to the maximum of his potential.”
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Max Verstappen’s secret message about Lewis Hamilton after last year’s crash at the British Grand Prix has been revealed by racing driver Tom Coronel in an exclusive interview with Express Sport.
Verstappen sent the message just over an hour after the pair came together on the opening lap of the race.
The incident saw Verstappen throw into the barrier at Copse corner at 180mph. 
The Dutchman was sent to hospital after the shunt for precautionary checks as Hamilton won the race.
It read: “Cannot cope with the pressure that guy hahaha. Don’t worry Tommy, we’re gonna beat him this year.”
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Robert Kubica has hit out at Mercedes and Toto Wolff for trying to change the rules as it is “easier” than fixing their cars. 
When asked if teams like Mercedes should be allowed to push for rules changes for porpoising issues, Kubica claimed teams should not use safety to gain an advantage
He told Express Sport: “Of course, it is always easier to push FIA and to highlight the issue. The issue is there, I’m not saying the issue is not there.
“I’m sure everyone in the paddock fits compromises in the set-up or even the design of facing this issue, trying to solve the porpoising, by compromising performance.”

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Max Verstappen has demanded Red Bull give him a quicker car for the British Grand Prix to fend off the threat from Ferrari.
The championship leader has claimed Red Bull were not the quickest car on the grid. 
Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has secured more pole positions than any other driver this season with six to Verstappen’s two.
He said: “It swings a bit, like last weekend [at Baku] it looked good in the race, now it didn’t look as good but we still managed to win and that I think is also a quality and we just have to work together with the whole team to try and find little improvements in the car.”
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Valtteri Bottas has claimed he was in a “dark place” when racing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. 
The Finn added he “couldn’t understand” how he couldn’t beat Hamilton and revealed he almost quit F1 as he lost interest in the sport. 
He said: “At the end of 2018, I almost stopped, it was so close.“Just because of the fact that I couldn’t understand and take the fact that I couldn’t beat Lewis in those two years.
“I put so much pressure on myself. Towards the end of ’18, especially when I started to have the support role in the team, I really couldn’t take it, I really struggled. It was not fun.”
valtteri bottas lewis hamilton
Jackie Stewart has called for Lewis Hamilton to retire from F1 as the seven-time champion continues to struggle at Mercedes. 
The three-time champion has claimed Hamilton would still be “very successful” after leaving F1 but has called for him to laeave before sufferiong a “painful” exit. 
He said: “It’s time for him to resign.
“He’s got music, he’s got culture, he loves clothing and the rag trade would be absolutely suitable for him.
“I’m sure he’ll be very successful because he’s been earning a huge amount of money, rightfully so because he’s been the best of his time.”
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Mercedes have confirmed they will be bringing upgrades to the British GP at Silverstone. The Silver Arrows have struggled this season and have produced just five podium finishes between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell so far this season.
But after consecutive 3-4 finishes for Hamilton and Russell respectively, Elliott confirmed the team will be fitting new parts at the next race to try and close the gap to leading teams Ferrari and Red Bull. 
The news comes after Alpine principal Otmar Szafnauer warned they would look to protest a move to upgrade his Mercedes car, more specifically a secondary floor, also known as a stay, after they tested it in practice during the Canadian Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton is getting upgrades to his Mercedes car
David Coulthard has hit out at Lewis Hamilton over the Mercedes driver’s complaints about porpoising, claiming that anyone who feels uncomfortable should “step aside” as there are plenty of drivers who would love to take their place. The seven-time world champion has been one of the more vocal drivers against the bouncing several cars are suffering from, and claimed that both his team and Formula One ‘need to do better’.
Complaints have seen the FIA step in and issue a technical directive ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix in a bid to curb the issues drivers are complaining about, but former Red Bull driver Coulthard believes that drivers who have an issue should consider their future in the sport.
Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has called out Toto Wolff after Mercedes added a second floor stay to their car at the Canadian Grand Prix. 
The Mercedes boss said he had fitted the additional part overnight but Binotto was sceptical, claiming Ferrari would not be able to do it.
He said: “Toto says they did it overnight. What I can say is that Ferrari would not be capable of doing it.
“No doubt I’m surprised that a team is so strong in doing that overnight. I can maybe only trust what he’s saying.”
mattia binotto ferrari
Toto Wolff appeared unimpressed after Mick Schumacher wandered into the Mercedes garage over the Canadian Grand Prix weekend. 
Photographer Paul Ripke captured the shot of Wolff looking at then Haas star before turning away. 
toto wolff f1 news
Nikita Mazepin has threatened to sue Haas over not paying him part of his salary.
The Russian was sacked from Haas just ahead of the 2022 season after the team parted ways with UralKali.
He said: “I’m just talking about the fact that contractual obligations were not fulfilled. You also need to understand that we had two independent contracts.
“And breaking the agreement with the title sponsor did not have a direct impact on my future in the team.
“So they made two separate decisions. I didn’t see my money, so we’re going to court.”
nikita mazepin haas
Helmut Marko has taken a swipe at Mercedes as he claims their push for rules changes has “backfired”. 
Mercedes pushed for changes to solve porpoising ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, forcing the FIA to issue a technical directive to look into the issue. 
However, this will set a minuimum metric to record oscillations which will stop  Mercedes unning their car low to the ground. 
Marko said: “So it basically backfired for Mercedes.”
red bull helmut marko
F1 champion Jacuqes Villeneueve has claimed George Russell’s qualifying gamble cost him a podium on Sunday. 
He claimed it was “not a good call” as he had the pace on Saturday to beat Lewis Hamilton.
Villeneuve explained: “There was nothing brave about it, nothing brave about it – because on paper there was no way it was going to work.
“It was freezing cold, it was still humid, it was hard for the drivers to get their fronts working even on intermediates, how could you get the temperature into your slick tyres?”
george russell mercedes
Bernie Ecclestone has written off Charles Leclerc and Ferrari’s chances of winning the F1 title. 
The 91-year-old former boss has claimed Ferrari “will get nothing” from the season as Leclerc dropped almost 50 points behind Max Verstappen.
He said: “Errors are creeping in again. The reliability we are seeing is often reminiscent of the old days and the drivers themselves are not always confident on the track.
“It means Max is having an easy time in the Red Bull with six wins already.”
charles leclerc f1
Max Verstappen is not a “true champion” as he has never collided with Canada’s famous Wall of Champions, warns Jacques Viillneuve. 
The wall has caught out many F1 greats such as Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill and Sebastian Vettel.
The 1997 champion said: “You are only a true champion if you hit that wall. I mean, I started it – hit it twice – Michael did it, Damon hit it,
“Jenson hit it as well. I don’t think Max hit it – he needs to hit the wall first.”
max verstappen f1
Red Bull have suspended test driver Juri Vips after he made a racist comment during an online gaming live stream. 
F2 star Vips also apparently used some homophobic language during the video.
The Estonian later posted on Instagram: “This language is entirely unacceptable and does not portray the values and principles I hold.
“I deeply regret my actions and this is not the example I wish to set. I will co-operate with the investigation fully.”.
juri vips red bull f1
Otmar Szafnauer has warned Alpine could protest Lewis Hamilton’s car after Mercedes trialed a new floor stay during the Canadian Gramd Prix. 
It comes after a new technical directive was issued by the FIA to try and control porpoising issues. 
Szafnauer said: “It could very well be that we shouldn’t be running this in qualifying in the race. If teams have brought those stays, I would imagine they could be perhaps looked at after and protested. 
“It’s against the regulation as it stands today. We definitely don’t have one. And unfortunately, if you do have an extra stay, you can run the car lower and stiffer, and gain some advantage.”
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