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Chadwick looks ahead for the next step.
Jamie Chadwick has taken her third championship in W Series, again proving herself to be the undisputed class of the field.
The 24-year-old's career has somewhat stagnated in recent years, with Chadwick failing to progress up the feeder series ladder after her various triumphs in W Series. 
Despite being a part of the Williams academy, Jamie Chadwick seems unlikely to enter either Formula 2 or Formula 3 next season – though the Briton has found another route to progress her career. 
In an interview with Sky F1, she explained the possibilities available in the States. IndyCar's feeder series, IndyLights, seems her most probable next step in 2023. 
Chadwick has already tested with Andretti earlier in the season and will almost certainly benefit from taking the step away from W Series: 
"Nothing is confirmed yet, but I did the test with the Andretti team, and it was awesome. I really enjoyed driving the car, and I really loved working with the team. 
"I think the Indy Lights, IndyCar route – I think the road to Indy it's called – is really cool for the young drivers. 
"It's a big opportunity over there. It's looking interesting, but nothing confirmed yet. 
"But it's nice now to be in a position that I'm looking really positively at these options going forward. Nothing confirmed, but I'm really looking forward to trying to get things nailed in for the next year."
Many would argue that Chadwick has already competed in more competitive categories than W Series, having raced against the likes of Pietro Fittipaldi and Jack Doohan in the F3 Asia Championship. 
Whilst F1 is certainly out of the question until she gets an opportunity in F2 or F3, it seems perfectly realistic that she can climb into IndyCar by starting her next chapter in the States. 
Chadwick's ambitions to join F1 are still far away, but it seems her career is finally moving in a forward direction.


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