F1 News: Lance Stroll Is Out After Huge Incident With Fernando Alonso – Sports Illustrated

Lance Stroll has been blamed by fans and journalists.
Lance Stroll is now the third driver to retire from the Austin Grand Prix after he was hit by Fernando Alonso. 
The Alpine of Alonso hit the rear of the Aston Martin during an overtake that was badly timed. With Stroll also being defensive and moving to the left to cover himself, this didn't help as his car was thrown to the right and into the wall.
Drivers behind him performed extremely well to avoid the stranded Aston Martin that rolled back out into the track and surprisingly Alsonso was able to keep going despite being thrown up into the air and hitting the wall. He later entered the pits to receive repairs. 
 Both drivers are okay and will be talking to the stewards after the race. 
"Idiotic from Stroll. Utterly stupid," writes F1 journalist Will Buxton on Twitter. 


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