F1 News: Las Vegas goes viral as F1 fans react to EPIC new feature – Sports Illustrated

Las Vegas has the fans excited.
The news of Las Vegas' addition to the F1 calendar was met with mixed reviews earlier this year, but the LA Strip has already found a way to get fans excited for 2023. 
Las Vegas has been scrutinised for the unattainable prices and unorthodox layout of its Grand Prix next season, which hamper its accessibility to spectators. 
Fans have questioned whether the Strip is capable of producing high-quality racing or if its addition to the calendar is simply an investment by Formula 1 into the American market. 
However, Lewis Hamilton was one of many drivers to demonstrate something which could make the Las Vegas GP truly special. 
Whilst side-by-side action, strategic intrigue and sensational qualifying laps are at the core of Formula 1, the visual aspect of the sport is also of tremendous importance.
The liveries and overall appearances of F1's machines are scrutinised every year in car launches, with fans often rating the attractiveness of the car's colour schemes. 
Night races have become renowned for the incredible visuals they produce under the lights, as Formula 1 cars so often come to life in night sessions. 
Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Sergio Perez were the first drivers to debut the new 'underglow' lights in Formula 1 cars. 
This new element has – understandably – gone viral on social media, as fans hope to see the underglow feature across all of the night races on the calendar.
As previously mentioned, the visual aspect of Formula 1 is extremely important.
With this in mind, Las Vegas has already taken a significant step in generating excitement for its Grand Prix next year.
There is no guarantee whether the 'underglow' will feature in Las Vegas next year definitively, or in any other night race for that matter. 
But when considering the almost immediate popularity of this feature, fans will be eagerly awaiting its implementation in Formula 1.


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