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Lewis Hamilton has revealed he’s interested in films and acting as he unveils his new production company.
Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he's readying himself to leave F1 has he launches a new venture that many of us didn't see coming. As may have been obvious from the Austin Grand Prix, Brad Pitt was there studying the sport for his upcoming not-so-secret film. Now it turns out that Lewis Hamilton owns the production company behind it, named Dawn Appollo Films. 
The 7-time world champion's manager, Penni Thow, is also involved with the business, with its first couple of projects being the Apple TV film starring Brad Pitt, and a documentary specifically on Lewis Hamilton, that has Daniel Ricciardo behind its production, too.
Right now, with Hamilton still enjoying fighting for his 8th title, the British driver has highlighted his need to look further than his racing, admitting that he feels it's necessary to learn more skills and practice more crafts. He told Deadline:
“I’m very conscious of other great athletes who spend their whole lives as I have, focused on their sport, and when they come to the end they might not necessarily have had the right people around them to help structure the course ahead for them.
“I’ve spoken to people who have said ‘look, when I stopped it all came crashing down, I wasn’t prepared to do other things, I hadn’t taken time to learn any other crafts, other skills, and I don’t know what my other passions are, so I didn’t really focus on trying to understand what those are and create pillars’.
“So when I stop racing – which I don’t plan on doing for a while, I still feel I’m in a good place – I want it to be seamless.
"I want to be able to move on to fully focus on Dawn Apollo Films and to be able to jump in at a similar level to what I’ve been used to.”
Hamilton even hints at a future in acting, but is hesitant thanks to the fact he hasn't had the time to practice it:
“I’m fascinated by it, I really am," he said. 'I would love to try it one day but I’m very conscious of the fact it takes 10,000 hours to master something.
“I’m very stubborn. If I’m going to do something, I want it to be really good. I don’t have to be the best at everything necessarily, but I know how much hard work these actors have put in.
“I don’t want to be one of those celebs that just moves into a different field and thinks he can easily do it.”
If you read through this and are still wondering what the meaning behind the name of this production company is, then you're not alone. Hamilton explains all:
“Apollo is the Greek god of sunlight, music and poetry, so I’ve always loved the name,” he admitted. “Dawn because it’s a time of other-worldliness and light, and symbolises new beginnings. It’s generally a time of day I love.
“There are a lot of movies I find inspiring and I’ve always dreamed of one day doing something in this space. I sat down with my team and I asked ‘what would it take for us to start a production company?’ and I went around and met a range of producers and filmmakers in Los Angeles just to gain knowledge.
“The goal is to make impactful stories and ultimately to inspire people through movies and storytelling.”
It's no surprise that Lewis is contemplating his retirement. After all, the driver is 37 years old and while Toto Wolff has revealed he has talked about another 5-year contract with the Brit, fans wouldn't be surprised if Hamilton did decide to throw in the racing suit. 


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