F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Fires Back At Fernando Alonso With Hilarious Tweet – Sports Illustrated

Hamilton attempts to put an end to the drama.
Alpine driver, Fernando Alonso, recently spoke out about Max Verstappen's championship wins, saying the are more valuable than Lewis Hamilton's. Seven-time F1 champion, Hamilton, has since retaliated on social media. 
Hamilton and Alonso have been driving against one another for a number of years and even drove for McLaren together in 2007, where they apparently did not see eye to eye.
A dramatic moment for the McLaren team in 2007 was when Alonso seemed to stop Hamilton going into the pit lane by blocking him during the Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying session. As Hamilton was not able to pit for fresh tyres, Alonso claimed pole position with Hamilton taking second. 
Hamilton and Alonso's relationship has been rocky since then and fans saw this recently at the Belgian Grand Prix this year where they had a collision.
Alonso took to his social media after making the comments about Verstappen and Hamilton's wins, obviously trying to rectify any misunderstandings. He said:
"And again… Please, all the titles are amazing, well deserved and inspiring. Incomparable to each other and let’s enjoy champions and legends of our current time. Tired of the continuous search for headlines. Let's enjoy them."
Hamilton decided to fire back at Alonso whilst also putting an end to the drama with a simple photo and a caption of just the thumbs up emoji. The choice of photo, however, is hilarious. 
Hamilton chose a photo of the podium at the 2007 United States Grand Prix where Hamilton won the race with Alonso in second. 
The two F1 legends will be racing again later today at the Mexican Grand Prix, where Hamilton will be starting from third place on the grid, and Alonso from ninth.


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