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It’s not what you would expect.
Lewis Hamilton has revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live what his daily driver car is, and it's probably not what you would expect. 
The seven-time F1 champion appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Austin Grand Prix and talked about driving off of the track. Hamilton revealed to a shocked Kimmel that he doesn't actually like to drive, and is a much better passenger when he is not racing. Although, when he visits his hometown in England, he enjoys taking his Mini Cooper out. 
He explained to Kimmel:
"When I get home, I have, um, an old Mini Cooper, like the Mr. Bean car, and I go and take it back into the town that I grew up in, and I drive down memory lane.
The Mini Cooper is probably not your first guess at what a Formula 1 champion enjoys to drive in his spare time, but Hamilton likes that it is unexpected. He explained:
"I just, I go past my first school, I go past my first house. No one would expect me in that car, that's for sure."
The Mercedes driver's social media is full of photos of him in various cars, however, he seems to keep the Mini private, which makes sense if he doesn't want people to recognise him in it. 
Hamilton had a great race at the Austin Grand Prix after a difficult 2022 season for the team. After leading a number of laps in the latter parts of the race, Max Verstappen overtook him in his Red Bull to take first place. 
Fans are excited to see if Mercedes can improve once again at the Mexican Grand Prix this weekend. 


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