F1 News: Mattia Binotto is unconcerned by Mercedes' rate of development – Sports Illustrated

Mattia Binotto has addressed Ferrari's recent form, which has seen the F1-75 slowly lose touch to the increasingly dominant RB18. 
Ferrari started the season with an extremely competitive package that looked certain to fight for the championship. 
A sequence of operational, strategic and reliability blunders prevented Ferrari from sustaining this challenge, so all focus has been diverted to 2023. 
Despite Ferrari's persistent errors, they still have a strong enough foundation to compete for victories during the remainder of these regulations. 
Mercedes has made significant progress in recent weeks, but Mattia Binotto has explained why he is relatively unconcerned:
"Mercedes is coming back, they've looked more competitive than we did [in Mexico].
"We know we stopped development on our car quite early, focusing on 2023 and somehow I'm not too… Let me say concerned by the state of development. 
"Because I know when we stopped developing it [this year's F1-75].
"Certainly, if I look at the last three races, it has not always been great, but [at] Singapore, we were very competitive. 
"The one after – Japan – yes, it was very wet. We were not as fast as Max [Verstappen]. But it was not a drama, certainly not in qualifying…
"So I don't think it's the same trend… I'm hoping it's not a trend [Ferrari's Mexico pace], just an [outlying] weekend for us."


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