F1 News: Mercedes expect Red Bull wind tunnel penalty to have minimal impact in 2023 – Sports Illustrated

Mercedes respond to Red Bull’s wind tunnel penalty.
Mercedes has responded to Christian Horner's comments about Red Bull's restricted wind tunnel time, offering their own analysis of how the penalty will impact the Austrian team. 
The Red Bull team principal has bemoaned the FIA's penalisation of the team's overspending during the 2021 season, which he believes will cost Red Bull up to 5-tenths per lap. 
There has been significant debate surrounding the appropriate sanction for Red Bull's cap breach, as teams interpret how severely the penalty will limit development and overall performance in 2023. 
Speaking to the media in Mexico City, Andrew Shovlin (Mercedes trackside engineering director) explained that the effect of the FIA's penalty will be minimal:
"I mean, the scale of that penalty isn't much more than what you would lose if you were just one place higher in the Championship.
"So it's not as big a penalty as if your position is two places higher. So I think describing it as draconian is an exaggeration. 
"Reducing the number of runs does limit your freedom when you're developing a concept, but we're in reasonable well-explored regulations now.
"You definitely have to be more efficient. But if it were half a second [the time lost from Red Bull's wind tunnel penalty], then a team at the back of the grid would have over three seconds advantage to teams at the front. 
"And that simply isn't the case. But it depends on how well you make decisions during the year. 
"I'd have thought a tenth, or a bit more than a tenth, maybe two-tenths at the upper end, is realistically what that would cost you."


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