F1 News: Pierre Gasly Close To Race Ban After Mexican Grand Prix – Sports Illustrated

Gasly received another penalty point during the Mexican Grand Prix.
AlphaTauri driver, Pierre Gasly, has picked up 10 penalty points over the last year and is now only two points away from receiving an F1 race ban.
This comes after the Frenchman received another penalty point at the Mexican Grand Prix today after he forced Aston Martin driver, Lance Stroll, off the track. Gasly was trying to move up the inside of Stroll into turn 4, but his wheels locked up and ended up running Stroll off the track. 
Gasly took the lead but after the stewards reviewed the situation, he was given a five-second time penalty, as well as a penalty point. 
A statement from the race stewards explained:
“Gasly made a pass on Stroll at Turn 4, however in doing so he locked up and left the track at the exit of the turn, completing the pass off track,
“He thereby gained a lasting advantage.”
Drivers that pick up 12 penalty points across a 12-month period are handed an automatic race ban. No other Formula 1 driver has been given a race ban since the rule came into force, however, we have seen this happen multiple times in Formula 2.
Gasly received two points during the Austin Grand Prix, two points at the Japanese Grand Prix, as well as receiving points in Spain and Australia.
If Gasly does get two more points then he will not have any points taken off his super licence until 23rd May 2023.
Despite the five-second time penalty, Gasly managed to finish the Mexican Grand Prix in eleventh today, with his teammate Yuki Tsunoda having to retire from the race after a collision with McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo sent him off the track.


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