F1 News: Red Bull Turns Focus to 2023 With No Further Upgrades This Season – Sports Illustrated

Red Bull hope to take the constructors’ championship at the Austin GP
Red Bull's chief engineering officer, Rob Marshall, appeared on the F1 Nation podcast and revealed that the team are not going to make any significant upgrades to the car this year. 
This is not so surprising after Max Verstappen bagged himself the drivers' championship after the Japanese Grand Prix and the team have the opportunity to take the constructors' title at the Austin Grand Prix this coming weekend. 
Sergio Perez is still battling it out with Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, for second place, however, the RB18 has been incredibly strong this year so it makes sense that they wouldn't make any upgrades this year. 
Marshall explained on the F1 Nation podcast:
"The focus is now completely on 2023. There will still be some minimal changes, but there will be no significant upgrade between now and Abu Dhabi."
In order for Red Bull to win the constructors' title at the Austin Grand Prix, they need Ferrari to not out-score them by over 18 points. If they do win the constructors' title, it would be the first time since 2013 that Red Bull have taken the title. 


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