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Sebastian Vettel discusses his future after F1.
Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he cannot completely rule out an eventual F1 comeback, although he hopes to find new passions and interests elsewhere. 
Vettel's F1 career is among the most decorated in the sport's history, with Championships, race wins, and Pole Positions becoming almost habitual for the German driver at one stage. 
His years with Red Bull were among the most dominant in the sport's history, but the 4-time Champion is now ready to turn the page and embark on a new chapter. 
Aston Martin's lack of competitiveness is generally described as a factor in Vettel's decision to retire. However, the German's passion and intensity continue to burn even as this year comes to an end. 
Speaking in an interview with Der Spiegel, Vettel explained that an eventual F1 return is not out of the question – but he hopes to find fulfilment beyond the sport:
"I'd like to rule it out. But I can't. I have no idea how I'll be ticking in a year or two", motorsport-total quotes him as saying.
"As far as the physical is concerned, I do a sport that you could still return to after a two-year break. 
"However, I hope that in two years, I can say: 'No thanks, I don't need racing anymore.'
"I'm not sure if I want to see the races at all [after retirement].
Formula 1 was my life purpose for 16 years. Now I secretly expect myself to cope without Formula 1 – like I'm going into rehab. 
"If you like something, you can also be attached to it. I want to go the other way, detach myself and find out there are other exciting things."
Fernando Alonso has demonstrated that F1's elite drivers can find their best form even after spending time on the sidelines, so Vettel is almost certainly capable of engineering a return to the grid. 
However, there is no guarantee that Vettel will be interested in an F1 return as he explores other interests beyond the sport.


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