F1 News: Stefano Domenicali says the F1 calendar "strikes the right balance" – Sports Illustrated

Domenicali explains how the F1 calendar is shaped.
Stefano Domenicali has faced some intense criticism since taking the role of F1 CEO, often relating to decisions about the calendar.
F1's calendar will experience at least some changes from year to year, but the composition of the current schedule is notably different compared to previous seasons. 
Many fans have grown frustrated with the circuits and venues being selected to host races, alongside the factors motivating some of the more recent additions to the calendar. 
Specifically, Domenicali has been accused of prioritising money and financial packages offered by event organisers over the quality of racing and the sport's history.
The uncertainty surrounding Spa's future on the calendar is a perfect example of this, with F1 only agreeing to a 1-year extension of the iconic Belgian GP -  a circuit which is inseparable from the history of motor racing.
As quoted by Motor Sport Magazine, Stefano Domenicali has explained the decisions behind the 2023 calendar:
"23-24 races is a good number, but I don't want to discuss more. The venues are chosen around this number. 
"There are many factors that are taken into account, but the number of Grand Prix is clear. At 24, the maximum is reached. 
"The market demands this number of races. We used to have 15 races, but that was a different situation. There's a lot of interest now, and hopefully, it'll get even bigger in the future. 
"24 races strikes the right balance between demand and quality. If the number of Grand Prix was a problem, I would reduce it immediately.
"We're trying to strike a balance. One-third of races will take place in Europe, another third in America and the Middle East, and the last third in the Far East. 
"When creating the race calendar, the financial side is very important. There are many more offers than dates on the calendar. 
"We take into account the beauty of the track itself, the investment, the activities for fans, and the interest of the teams and manufacturers involved."
Speculation about the F1 calendar is an almost constant aspect of the sport, but the continuation of China's Covid-19 policy means the 2023 schedule could face disruption early in the season. 
Regardless, Domenicali will be entrusted with carefully managing the balance between profitability, quality of racing and heritage. 


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