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Lewis Hamilton Gives Driving Masterclass
Hamilton shows us how it is done.
F1 legend, Lewis Hamilton, has shown CrowdStrike CEO, George Kurtz, how it's done ahead of the Austin Grand Prix
With 103 race wins, 188 podiums, and 7 driver's championships under his belt, Hamilton is a driver that most people only dream of being taught by. In CrowdStrike's latest video for a series where Kurtz learns how to drive a Formula 1 car, he gets a one on one lesson from the Mercedes driver. 
Hamilton and Kurtz initially took a couple of Mercedes AMG GTs out for a spin around the Circuit Of The Americas. It would have been no shock to Kurtz when Hamilton successfully went for the overtake, but he does manage to hold his own out on the track. Apart from a mistake while braking at the end which Hamilton joked about afterwards saying "I thought you were going to hit me at the end there".
Kurtz seemed surprised when he was to take the wheel for the next stage with Hamilton sitting beside him in the passenger seat. Whilst most would be incredibly intimidated by this situation, Kurtz revealed that he did have some experience and was even racing a GT3 Mercedes AMG GT the weekend before. Hamilton still had some pointers for the CEO in terms of his cornering speed, racing line, and braking zones. 
Hamilton, who is probably much more comfortable being in control of the car, remained relaxed throughout apart from one moment that fans picked up on very quickly. 
Amazingly, Kurtz got a lap in that beat Hamilton's time in the AMG GT. Once he had conquered that, he moved onto a Formula 4 car which viewers can see briefly in the video. 
Hamilton then took the W12, which was the Mercedes car for the 2021 F1 season, out to set a time for Kurtz to try and beat but before we could see Kurtz take on the challenge, the video ended, leaving us on a cliff hanger. We can't wait to see how Kurtz will perform in the F1 Mercedes so we will let you know when the next video comes out.


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