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The Belgian GP ‘s future is still unclear.
The Belgian GP is one of the most beloved races on the F1 calendar, with the iconic Spa circuit holding a special place in the hearts of fans. 
Despite this favourable standing, Spa's future in Formula 1 remains unclear. 
Earlier in the year, several reports raised alarm bells about the Belgian GP's position, as no extension of the circuit's contract was announced going into the summer break. 
Speculation continued about Spa's future in Formula 1, with some outlets suggesting the iconic venue's time on the calendar was limited. 
This panic was – somewhat – nullified when a one-year extension to the Belgian GP's contract was announced in late August. However, this does little to protect the venue's long-term future in F1. 
If anything, the decision to only award Belgium a one-year deal serves as further evidence that Spa could be lost from the calendar. 
Nothing is definitive or inevitable about the Belgian GP's future, but all indications suggest that Stefano Domenicali has more changes planned for the F1 calendar. 
The F1 CEO has already spoken extensively about wanting to expand the calendar into different regions of the glove. 
A total of eight races in Europe is widely agreed as Domenicali's preference, two less than the ten European races currently on next year's schedule. 
No last-minute changes for next year's calendar should be expected, but Spa's position for 2024 appears increasingly precarious. 
With Monaco announcing a multi-year deal to continue in Formula 1, the Belgian GP is the only event with an expiring contract for next season. 
Some have suggested that F1 wouldn't dare remove such an iconic venue from the schedule, but the nature of Spa's recent contract is quite telling. 
Domenicali has already expressed his interest in adding South Africa to the calendar, and has recently held talks with the Colombian city of Barranquilla regarding a future calendar slot. 
These developments highlight the F1 CEO's intentions to expand the calendar, making it increasingly plausible that this expansion will come at Spa's expense. 
It has been suggested that Spa could feature in Formula 1 on a "rotational" basis, forming part of the calendar whilst losing its permanent slot. 
This idea is speculative, but there is no denying the bleak outlook for the Belgian GP's future.


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