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Every driver on the current Formula 1 grid is unique in their own regard. Every driver has a unique driving style, methods of dealing with pressure situations, and ways to approach a race. However, some drivers on the grid, Daniel Ricciardo, Charles Leclerc, and George Russell, agree on one aspect regarding Sebastian Vettel.
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We are all aware Sebastian Vettel will hang up his helmet after the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The German disclosed he has no set plans for the future and wants to take life as it comes. A silver lining in that admission is that Vettel did not completely rule out returning to the sport in the future.
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Maybe not as a driver, but Vettel can still become a part of the circus in a different capacity. The world visualized this hypothetical scenario when Ricciardo, Russell, and Leclerc all voted for Vettel unanimously to become a team principal.
We hit the grid with some quick fire questions in Austin!
Turns out there's a few Coldplay fans 👀 pic.twitter.com/m4ftJnr5rJ
— ESPN F1 (@ESPNF1) October 24, 2022

When ESPN reporters asked, “Which driver currently on the grid would make the best team boss?” The three unanimously voted for Vettel. Russell even said, “Pretty comfortably say, Seb Vettel.”
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It’s safe to say, the four-time world champion has the respect of his fellow drivers as becoming a team boss does not only correlate with success on the track, but it requires leadership qualities as well. So the admission by Ricciardo, Leclerc, and Russell can be credited to Vettel’s aura on the grid.
Safe to say, this unanimous admission did not fly under the radar.
The admission by the three drivers caught Twitter’s eyes and fans can’t help but agree.
They all said Seb should be a team principal, someone make it happen https://t.co/w7ISbRLxBm
— Max ²²🏎 | YUKI 2023 (@Formula_Max22) October 25, 2022

Which current F1 driver would make the best team principal?
Daniel: "Vettel."
Charles: "Seb I think."
George: "Pretty comfortable saying Seb Vettel."
Make it happen in the future 🙏#ESPNF1 pic.twitter.com/M076J8WrN9
— tami. (@Vetteleclerc) October 25, 2022

Highly unlikely, but the fans want Vettel to take up the role as soon as possible, with most fans wanting a move to Ferrari.
So… The drivers who think Seb would make the best team principal among drivers:
(+Sainz, he said so before in an interview.)
GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT SOME DAY, ME THINKS. @ Mr. Vettel https://t.co/P35rLu05mt
— Ebru #DankeSeb (@burgonya) October 24, 2022

Someone please make Seb Ferrari’s team principal 🙏🏼 https://t.co/pQZ220dixS
— Nad¹⁶🏎 – going to Abu Dhabi gp (@NadxCL16) October 25, 2022

why do I have tears in my eyes when I heard all of them chose Seb as a team principal 😒 https://t.co/NBkkrwt7KN
— miruna (@torpedomimi) October 25, 2022

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why be deluded and fantasise about team principal seb when you can be deluded and fantasise about audi 2025 seb
— katie 🪴🏳️‍🌈 (@sebvettelthings) October 25, 2022

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I’d rather have Seb racing in some other series than have him be a team principal in F1. He’s way too good to be sat in a chair butting heads with politicians.
— V (@VizorIts) October 25, 2022

yeah sure seb would be a great team principal but bro that man deserves to be inside the car he’s not meant to sit on a chair and command what the driver should do or what not to do
— kellie (@seb5evs) October 25, 2022
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Most fans want to see this transition from driver to team principal happen as soon as possible. However, there are some fans who argue Vettel should race beyond 2023 instead of being on the sidelines.
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