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F1 press conferences can be a thing of beauty at times. A presser is a recurring aspect for every F1 entity and everyone uses the opportunity to talk shop. However, sometimes there are press conferences that make their way into everyone’s memory.
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Defensive statements, hilarious replies, or sometimes outright savage responses usually make the cut. This is exactly why Alfa Romeo’s boss’s response at the team principals’ press conference will live long in our memories.
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Alfa Romeo have hit a slump and failed to score a single point in the last five races. In those five races, the team has also experienced the same number of DNFs. When asked about the bad luck haunting the Swiss team, the team principal Fred Vasseur had a brilliant response.
He said, “There’s no such thing as luck or bad luck with DNFs. Sometimes it was technical, sometimes the engine, sometimes Latifi.”
Apparently, Nicholas Latifi is the bane of Alfa Romeo’s existence. The Williams man nicked the back of Valtteri Bottas‘s C42 in the second lap of the Belgian GP. This incident could’ve been the motivation behind Vasseur’s statement.
Regardless of the motivation, the hilariously savage response from the Frenchman caught everyone off guard. No one could’ve imagined the summation of Alfa Romeo’s last five races like that. However, the team boss, at the expense of Latifi, summed up the slump brilliantly at the press conference.
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The savage response has the world of Twitter gasping for air.
This rare moment where a team principal took a dig at a driver from another team will not die soon. The savage response from Vasseur also sums up the season of Latifi as he finished the Belgian GP last.
To commemorate the moment, the F1 Twitter fandom, as always, quickly began retweeting the incident.
“SOMETIMES LATIFI” I am officially deceased 💀😂☠️ https://t.co/UPXUokAyQy
— Connor Marron (@connormarron_) September 3, 2022

Usually Drink,
Usually Dance,
Always Latifi https://t.co/AokX65ixon
— Zander Lavall (@Zander_Lavall) September 3, 2022

“Sometimes it was technical, sometimes the engine, sometimes Latifi” LMAO 😭 Fred Vasseur from the press 😭
— lola 🌻 (@stansirlewis) September 3, 2022

fred blaming latifi BAHSHAHAHAHAHAHA IM SCREAMING pic.twitter.com/PsIBT8dNYo
— denise 🧸 (@sainzkells) September 4, 2022

The Twitter fandom cannot come to grips with Vasseur’s statement. The “sometimes Latifi” is as hilarious as it is unexpected!
Sometimes it was technical, sometimes the engine and sometimes Latifi 😂😂😂😂😂
— Zohair Haddioui 🇲🇦🏁 (@ZohairHaddioui5) September 4, 2022

"dmf has nothing to do with luck or bad luck. sometimes its a technical issue, sometimes its engine issue and sometimes its latifi."💀💀💀 pic.twitter.com/BnsMST9qpK
— 𝑴𝒂𝒋𝒂 ⁵⁵🐝 (@sainz_only) September 4, 2022

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— nouk (@nouksdiary) September 3, 2022

Any #FormulaOne fan will roar at this perfect quote from a team manager: “There's no such thing as luck or bad luck with a “Did Not Finish.” Sometimes it is technical, sometimes the engine, sometimes Latifi" #F1
— Jerry Saltz (@jerrysaltz) September 3, 2022
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The Alfa Romeo boss has definitely set a new standard for team principals’ press conferences. This statement alone will probably bring more people to these press conferences!
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