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In the world at large, August is something of a stagnant month; summer is winding down, kids are waiting for (or dreading) the start of school and fall is top of mind.
In fantasy football, however, August feels more like January; it’s a fresh slate, ripe with opportunities.
For draft leagues, this means a chance to rebuild your roster every year. And if you happened to settle on a classic fantasy team name early on in your league, your competitors might be used to seeing Leader of the Pack or My Giants or New York Sack Exchange return year after year.
But if you’re looking to capitalize on the latest storylines and hottest players in the NFL today, the following name suggestions are for you.
We’ll take a look at some popular 2022 NFL fantasy names as well as some classic standbys, for whichever direction you want to go.
Note that some trending NFL storylines and criminal proceedings aren’t appropriate to make light of, and therefore won’t be reflected in the following team name ideas.

Dominant storylines in the 2022 offseason that have begotten popular team names include the Los Angeles Rams’ reigning Super Bowl title, Russell Wilson’s arrival in Denver and his…enthusiastic…adoption of “Let’s Ride” as his personal motto, Rodgers’…enthusiastic adoption of Ayahuasca to get his mind right in the offseason and Zach Wilson’s rumored enthusiasm for ladies of a certain age.
Other popular team names for 2022 take their inspiration from politics, as well as the popularity of F1 racing, Better Call Saul and more pop culture trends.
Let’s take a look at fantasy team names trending now. A note of caution: some of these references may feel dated by December.
Trendy 2022 Fantasy Team Names
McDermott Mulroney
Ayahuasca on my Mind
Sippin’ on Ayahuasca
Enema of the State
Broncos Country
Let’s Ride
Where There’s a Wilson There’s a Way
Wilson Sporting Goods
Feelin’ DangeRuss
Baking Bad
Better Call Jamaal
Better Call Hall
Jesse, Let’s Cook
Cooking with Jesse
Zach’s PTA Party
Zach’s Mom’s Best Friend
Championship Kupp
Kupp Runneth Over
King Cooper
Storm Cooper
Super Cooper
Vegas, Baby!
Fifty Shades of Davante
Biden Our Time
Broadway Joe Biden
Rushin Collusion
Kamala Chameleon
The James White House
Commanders in Chief
McLaurin F1
A League of Their Own

Maybe you’re not interested in following the trends. You know that the storylines of August will be old news by October, so you’re looking for more tried-and-true fantasy team names that you can use season after season. We’ve got you covered right here.
In 2022, it’s all about the big contenders—teams like the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs—and the players who power them, like Cooper Kupp, Matt Stafford, Josh Allen, James Cook, Aaron Rodgers, Allen Lazard, Patrick Mahomes (so many Mahomes puns) and, of course, Tom Brady.
Classic Fantasy Team Names
Aaron It Out
Aaron on the Side of Caution
Baby Chark
Baby Got Dak
Bad JuJu
Beg Burrow and Steal
Big McManus on Campus
The Brady Bunch
Brady Gaga
Call of Jeudy
Captain Kirk
Country Roads, Take Mahomes
Dak in the Saddle Again
Dak to the Future
Fantom Menace
Fields of Dreams
Forgot about Trey
Game of Jones
Green Eggs and Cam
Here’s to You, Allen Robinson
Hooked On a Thielen
Hot Chubb Time Machine
Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn
Hot Lockett
How I Metcalf Your Mother
I, Tonyan
Jamaal about that Bass
Judge Jeudy
Keeping Up with the Joneses
Kupp and At ‘Em
The Lazard King
Lockett Like It’s Hot
London Calling
Luck be a Brady
Mahomes is Where the Heart Is
Mahomes on the Range
McManus about Town
Mecole, Myself And I
More than a Thielen
Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood
New York Sack Exchange
Once, Twice, Three Times a Brady
Orange is the New Sack
Pitts and Giggles
Return of the Mac
Rockin’ Dobbins
Rolling with My Mahomes
Spill the Tee
Stafford Infection
Sweet Sweet Fantasy Football
Tee It Up
Trubisky Business
When Harry Kmet Sally
The Zeke Shall Inherit the Earth
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