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Charles Leclerc came through the ranks at Ferrari and was set to be their golden boy for years to come. And sometimes, the team’s preferential treatment of Leclerc as the first driver is visible.
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Something that further pointed out the difference between the treatment of the two drivers was a recent glimpse into their Pre-Race Ritual.
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The coolest drivers on the grid 😎#essereFerrari 🔴 pic.twitter.com/Q8IbVYGl9z
— Scuderia Ferrari (@ScuderiaFerrari) August 10, 2022

While Sainz has a simple tub filled with cold water, Leclerc had a much fancier cryotherapy tub with his number printed on the side.
This clear preferential treatment of Leclerc, who according to many is considered as the first driver, has angered the fans.
They have taken to social media to let their feelings known.
Why does Sainz get the plastic tub and LeClerc gets that whole fancy tub?🤔
Prioritising the wrong driver smh https://t.co/PwleUUXy2G
— nghezi (@ughramik) August 11, 2022

for the record, even their personal trainers find it hilarious 😭 https://t.co/eMvU9KtdGW
— sha⁵⁵ (@sainzcomfort) August 10, 2022

And then one fan made the connection with the GQ Article, which gave a lot of fans the idea that Leclerc was the number one driver for Scuderia.
Carlos is forced to use a basic tub while Charles receives a state-of-the-art fancy F1 tub; perhaps the GQ article from yesterday was true. 🙃 https://t.co/yFH25EKiII
— FormulaBalaji🏎 (@BalajiAsari) August 10, 2022

Fans even drew comparisons to the ice baths of other drivers. One that particularly caught the eye was Pierre Gasly’s ice bath.
anybody: f1 is a sport with the state of the art equipment and the best of the best resources
gasly ice bath: pic.twitter.com/fcGewjcM25
— Charley☀️Checoposting☀️ (@checciardo) January 12, 2021

F1 Twitter is undefeated, the comparisons are hilarious:
Seeing @Carlossainz55 in his ice bath, looks like he’s sitting in a papaya dog basket in someone’s utility room. 😂❄️🛀🐶 pic.twitter.com/sRhuRfDp4y
— Ste (@Ste_F1) September 22, 2019

Every F1 team fields two cars, which of course need two drivers. However, in some cases, there is one driver that the team pins their title hopes on, who is given preferential treatment; the number 1 driver.
Many would argue that is the case at Ferrari as well, with Charles Leclerc being the favorite between him and Carlos Sainz.
However, people at the Ferrari factory seem to disagree. They see the dynamic between the 2 as that of rivalrous schoolmates.
In a recent article by Tom Lamont for GQ on his visit to Maranello, the author had the chance to speak to Ferrari executives at the factory.
The executives said, “They’re close. Chat-chat-chat. They compete over everything: who can get to a toilet door first, everything. Then, chat-chat-chat.”
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Although Ferrari insists that they do not have a number one driver, their treatment of the two paints a totally different picture. Lamont has further pointed out some minor and interesting differences in the treatment of Leclerc and Sainz.
Although the two are nearly the same height, a cut-out of the two showcases Leclerc as nearly a full head taller. When an array of baseball caps were brought out for the duo to sign, Sainz signed on the far corner, leaving space for Leclerc’s signature to appear before his.
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However, Ferrari still stands by their stance of not having a clear number one. With both of them vying for the championship, only time will tell if Ferrari are true to their word or not.
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