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Last Updated: 08/08/22 8:52pm
FIA president Mohammed bin Sulayem has announced that updated 2023 Technical Regulations will be submitted to the World Motor Sport Council this week to address the porpoising issue in F1.
The FIA president says he has has discussed the issue with all 20 drivers and 10 team principals.
Porpoising has affected cars throughout the season, most notably Mercedes’ W13, with Lewis Hamilton previously saying he was left in pain during Friday’s practice sessions in Azerbaijan.
Following a number of complaints from drivers about the new 2022 cars bouncing violently at high speed, the FIA issued a new technical directive ahead of the Canadian GP on safety grounds.
Red Bull boss Christian Horner said it was unfair to change the rules when one team is struggling more than most, pointing the finger at the underperforming, and bouncing, Mercedes.
Horner’s Mercedes’ counterpart Toto Wolff admitted that all teams were either trying to keep a competitive advantage or gain it, but insisted the “situation has clearly gone too far”. He said all drivers were suffering from what was a design issue that needed to be solved.
“Team Principals trying to manipulate what is being said in order to keep the competitive advantage, and trying to play political games when the FIA tries to come up with a quick solution to at least put the cars in a better position, is disingenuous,” Wolff said.
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“This is a joint problem we are having as Formula 1… this is a design issue that needs to be solved. We have long-term effects that we can’t even judge.
“But at any time this is a safety risk and then coming up with little manipulations in the background, or Chinese whispers, or briefing the drivers is just pitiful.”
Wolff added: “Of course people will question whether my position is sincere or not. That’s why I’m saying it’s not only our problem.”
Horner said: “Ferrari presented its position regarding the TD [technical directive] and Toto is campaigning for a change in regulations – which is somewhat ironic because his car looked quite quick with not a lot of bouncing.
“And I think it was just pointed out to him that perhaps his issues were within rather than everybody’s issue.”
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