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Austin’s Circuit of the Americas (COTA) is comfortable that the Las Vegas race, which will make its debut on the F1 calendar in 2023, is scheduled for a date close to its own.
Formula 1 is trying to make its calendar more environmentally and logistically efficient due to the amount of freight that is required between each race.
However, promoters tend to prefer events to be spaced out to ensure strong demand in their area. But COTA CEO Bobby Epstein believes Austin and Las Vegas are different enough that the success is there despite their close proximity to the schedule.
« I think both events are unique, each is exciting in its own way and there are enough fans for everyone, so they can both thrive, one doesn’t need to find success at the expense of the other, » Epstein said.
« I appreciate that the two races are not contested a week apart. And I really like the way they have routed everything: we will stay in America but we will go to Mexico, or even Brazil, between the two races. and it makes a lot of sense from a logistical and environmental point of view, and it’s better for the sponsors and the fans as well. »
« It’s better this way, and I expect people to realize how completely different these two events are. The night race in Vegas will be amazing, and the festival at COTA also offers a lot possibilities to the buyer. »
« It’s a full week of entertainment, including for die-hard fans who can also see the W Series among the three side races, and the circuit has been specially designed for F1. »
« And on top of that, there are the concerts and the villages to hang out. This is the United States Grand Prix, which is unique and different. »
Epstein, on the other hand, has not noted any impact, positive or negative, since the addition of Miami to the F1 calendar this year, Austin having started selling tickets before the event was even contested.
« I think the fact that Miami is in May shows that the calendar is great, this race complements ours. As well as the one in Montreal. It’s fantastic that F1 is present in the United States more than ‘once a year. »
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