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76 of the 95 points scored by McLaren this F1 year were scored by Lando Norris. On the clock, the Briton outrageously dominates his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, in the hot seat.
However, Lando Norris only scored one podium and while McLaren easily beat Alpine last year for 4th place in the constructors’ standings, the Woking team finds itself behind the French team, the start of the second half of the season.
All in all, isn’t Lando Norris disappointed with McLaren’s regression this year?
“This year, we obviously had high hopes. »
« We were on a good pace – the team is in a very good position and we underperformed what we needed to do. So we started the year in a much tougher position than we should have. So we had to make up for lost time – a big catch up. »
“I guess I get frustrated sometimes, that’s for sure. I guess it was very frustrating at the beginning of the year, but when you have a podium or something [comme à Imola], there is always hope, you know? But I know I’m not here this year to win races – I’m here in two or three years to win races. »
Does he still believe in McLaren’s chances of winning the title in the medium term? And does he even regret having signed a long-term contract with Woking?
 » No no no no. I still believe in it. »
« I didn’t sign with McLaren for this year thinking ‘this year I’m going to win races’ – that was far from my conviction. I knew it would take a few years – 2024-25 will be the first year where there will be fewer and fewer excuses to say: why aren’t we in the position where we should be? »
Lando Norris has particular confidence in the structural projects launched at the factory (new simulator, new wind tunnel, etc.).
“The wind tunnel and the simulator – all those little things that the best teams have optimized for many years… we’re just way behind on all of that. But in recent years we have launched things. »
“To be part of the winning teams, each area must operate in a perfect window, at a very professional level. In recent years, there have been too many things for us that were not at the level we needed to be. There are things that we are much closer to, but it still takes a little longer. »
By the time the new aerodynamic regulations mature, Lando Norris also sees the gaps closing on the grid.
“Give us a few years and I think it will balance out and the teams will come together and figure out how to maximize this car. Like what we had last year – it was the tightest year in Formula 1 for so many years and the races were good. Now we have a better car to race, it’s just the first year of a new era and sometimes it just takes a few years for things to tighten up a bit. »
A new status for Lando
To guide McLaren towards the status of top team, the team can therefore count on the one who has established himself as driver number 1, Lando Norris – Daniel Ricciardo being put under the extinguisher.
And the Briton assumes to have changed his status in the team. For example, it is more demanding with its engineers.
« I feel like now when I’m demanding it’s because I just have a bit more feeling, like ‘this is what I need from my car, this is what I want, it will make me go faster’. »
« When you’re in your freshman year, you’re a bit more suspicious: ‘Is this going to make me go faster? And you never want to be wrong, so you always agree with the team and you say yes, yes. But now, for good reasons, I have different opinions, I express them and we discuss them. We come to a better result. A lot of things end up with better results in the end. »
“I definitely feel a lot more complete and a more reliable driver than last year or even two or three years ago. »
Lando Norris is so confident that he sometimes even gets too hot on the radio, being a little too virulent according to him…
“When I’m in the car, I feel like I’m saying something one way but when I hear myself afterwards, I feel like I’m going crazy… But I’m not! »
“When I’m in the car, it’s just because my heart rate is going up. I feel like I’m saying something, but it sounds very different from what I expected. Even when I’m completely relaxed. It’s very easy to interpret things differently than they really are, if you’re not in the situation. »
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