"He always does very well"- Max Verstappen will come 'strong' at 2022 F1 British GP, claims father Jos Verstappen – Sportskeeda

Max Verstappen’s father Jos believes that the Dutchman will come back “strong” at the 2022 F1 British GP despite rivals benefitting from upgrades to their cars. Given his son’s strong performances at the venue in previous seasons, Jos Verstappen feels confident of a good result heading into the race. Speaking to RTL, he said:
He added:
After a dominant showing throughout the weekend, Max Verstappen narrowly missed out on pole position in qualifying to Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz after his final run was hampered by yellow flags.
But since the reigning world champion has often been much stronger on race day compared to qualifying throughout the season, he is likely to be the fastest man on track during the race on July 3, 2022.
Starting on the front row alongside Carlos Sainz, with his chief rivals Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc behind him, Verstappen still holds an advantage. He could potentially take the lead at the start of the race and build up a gap between himself and Leclerc, while Sainz acts as a buffer.
Meanwhile, Max Verstappen says he doesn’t have any hard feelings about his clash at the venue last season while battling Lewis Hamilton for the lead. Rebuffing claims from his father that he will be looking to “get even” for the incident at this year’s race, the Red Bull driver said that he has already “dealt with it.” Speaking to GP Racing Magazine ahead of the weekend, he said:
Charles Leclerc has hinted that Ferrari might consider asking Carlos Sainz to switch positions with him, to help the team “secure a 1-2 finish” and, more importantly, to prevent another Max Verstappen-Red Bull victory.
The Monegasque believes that he has the pace to hunt Verstappen down for the lead despite failing to qualify on the front row. Speaking to the Motorsport Network following qualifying, he said:
He further said:
Despite Charles Leclerc hoping for Ferrari to intervene in his favor, it is unlikely that will happen. Over the last few races, Carlos Sainz has built up his confidence within the car and is seemingly able to extract the most out of his package, as evidenced by his stellar performances in Canada. Unless the Spaniard suddenly lacks the pace at Silverstone, it is more likely that he will be the one hunting Max Verstappen down instead of his teammate.
Watch how the the story unfolds in the British GP on July 3, 2022.


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