"He was one of the toughest nuts to crack"- Sebastian Vettel recalls his last lap battle with Kevin Magnussen at 2022 F1 US GP – Sportskeeda

Sebastian Vettel enjoyed his last lap battle with Kevin Magnussen at the USGP as he recollected the closing laps of the race. The German felt the Dane was fair and competitive, making it a thrilling race finish.
Describing the final lap battle against the F1 Insider, he said that at the end of it all, it was a good recovery drive to score six points. He added that he enjoyed the final-lap fight with Magnussen. Noting that his adrenaline was really pumping when he crossed the finish line, he said that without the slow stop, they had the sixth place easily in place.
Vettel also said:
The four-time world champion had a feisty battle in the final corner with the Haas driver and finished seventh in the race. A last lap lunge by Sebastian Vettel secured him some valuable points and voted driver of the day.
Expecting the Dane to leave little room for overtaking, Sebastian felt Magnussen raced him fairly in the closing stages of the race, as he enjoyed the adrenaline rush in the final battle.
Admiring the battle with Sebastian Vettel, Kevin Magnussen felt it was a privilege to fight the four-time world champion on the final lap of the US Grand Prix. The Haas driver was impressed with the German champion’s skill set and enjoyed the final lap battle.
Describing the final battle to SpeedCity Broadcasting, Magnussen said that although it was a good battle, he didn’t like that fact that he lost. However, he did add that it was “some of the best racing” he’s ever been involved in. Kevin noted that the way the other driver drove was “just incredible.”
He continued to add that it was a privilege to race against someone like his competitor and that he would take the lesson and “treasure it.” Kevin Magnussen also said:
Further elaborating on the experience of fighting Sebastian Vettel, Magnussen spoke to F1 TV saying:
According to the Dane, the German barely resembled a driver retiring or past his prime with his racing in the USGP. Despite losing a spot, Magnussen hailed the battle with Sebastian Vettel as one of the best race battles in his career.
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