"I’m not selling the soul of Formula 1"- Here's why F1's 24-race calendar in 2023 season is not just money oriented – Sportskeeda

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali defended the long calendar for the 2023 season and denied he’s steering away from the DNA of the sport. The Italian believes circuits like Germany need to make business sense, and he’s keen to visit new venues such as Africa.
The sport is set for a 24-race calendar next year. While there has been severe resistance and criticism against an extended calendar, Domenicali believes F1 also needs to consider the commercial aspect of the sport. Speaking to Sport Bild in an exclusive interview, Domenicali said that F1 is ‘opening up’ to the world:
About the German GP’s possible return to the calendar, Domenicali said that the proposal needs to make business sense.
The F1 CEO defended the Saudi Arabian GP and believes that the first two editions have been a success in driving change.
Domenicali also said that there were going to be no negotiations with Russia for an F1 race any time soon. He confirmed the termination of the contract with the Russian GP, which was done following Russia’s Ukraine invasion.
He defending the Saudi Arabian GP in Jeddah because of human right issues, saying that Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive for four years.
Speaking about the new venues in the calendar, the F1 CEO said that the sport is keen to expand into Africa without eroding the DNA of the sport.
The 2024 calendar is speculated to have 24 races, with Las Vegas confirmed as one of the new venues.

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