In Pictures: Mercedes' George Russell arrives at 2022 F1 Dutch GP wearing a Daniel Ricciardo sweater – Sportskeeda

George Russell turned quite a few heads at the F1 Dutch GP when he was spotted wearing a ‘Daniel Ricciardo’ sweater. The context aurrounding the situation is rather comical as Daniel Ricciardo explained it to the media later on. He said,
Ricciardo then added,
Moving on from George Russell, Daniel Ricciardo was quite candid as he talked about the support he had received from other drivers on the grid. He said,
George Russell was quite optimistic about Mercedes’ prospects this weekend. The weekend started off well for the team as Russell topped the first practice session. Mercedes was quite competitive during the other stages as well. Talking about the team’s prospects after a productive day, he said,
He also talked about some of the challenges he faced and the responsiveness of the car,
George Russell scored his first-ever pole position at the F1 Hungarian GP. It will be very interesting to see what kind of result Mercedes is able to pull out this weekend.


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