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The NASCAR Cup Series race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway topped all forms of motorsports last weekend, with a 2.05 rating, 3.373 million viewers. The Xfinity Series at Indianapolis had a rating of 0.67, with 1.249 million viewers, totaling more than F1.
Motorsports viewership last weekend:
1) NASCAR Cup at Indy (@NBC): 2.05 rating, 3.373 million viewers
2) F1 at Hungary (@ESPN): 0.63, 1.249M
3) IndyCar at IMS (NBC) 0.67, 1.046M
🔲 F1 slightly edged out NASCAR for most 18-49 viewers but Xfinity had more total viewers than F1. pic.twitter.com/QoyRpZorFM
— Adam Stern (@A_S12) August 2, 2022
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