"I've never had anyone to emulate"- Max Verstappen reveals why he has never had 'an idol' in F1 after comparisons with Ayrton Senna – Sportskeeda

Max Verstappen has admitted that he never had an idol in F1 while growing up. In his opinion, looking up to someone could limit what one could achieve in one’s own career. The reigning world champion admitted that while he respected everyone, there wasn’t anyone in particular whose career he wanted to emulate.
He said:
He further said:
Red Bull‘s Max Verstappen feels he is currently part of a top team and it reflects in the results as well. He currently enjoys a 38-point lead in the championship standings. However, the Dutchman knows that things can change extremely quickly in F1, which is why he like to concentrate on the present.
He said:
He added:
The Dutch driver is performing at an extremely high level right now. Will he be able to sustain it when the going gets tough? It will be worth taking a look at that.


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