Lando Norris Roasted by F1 Drivers, Is Taller Than His Friends Think – Sports Illustrated

For whatever reason, height is a major point of interest within society, sparking debates and looks of astonishment when numbers are revealed. Formula One is no exception. 
In the latest episode of F1’s Grill the Grid, the drivers were tasked with ranking the heights of their fellow competitors, and what started out as a lighthearted timed game soon turned into a mega roast session at a few drivers’ expenses, mostly Lando Norris
Among some of the shocks, such as Charles Leclerc supposedly being taller than Daniel Ricciardo (180 cm versus 179 cm), Mick Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Norris are all the same height—176 cm. The rest of the grid did not seem to believe the 22-year-old was approximately 5'9". 
“Has he had a growth spurt since I last saw him? Because that’s not true,” Alex Albon said. 
“No way Lando is here,” Leclerc said in another frame. In a conversation with someone behind camera, the Ferrari driver asked “Mick and Lando are the same height?”
“And Seb, yeah,” the woman responded. 
“All behind me?”
“Poor Lando,” Leclerc said. Nicholas Latifi asked, “Norris is not towards the bottom end?… I think that’s a lie.”
When F1 tweeted out the segments of what his competitors said, Norris tweeted back, “I’m 183 on a good day,” which is a hair over six-foot. 
For those who are curious, here are how the drivers rank on the grid based on their heights, per Grill the Grid
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