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The FIA has announced they will introduce new measures to control porpoising from next season in a move which could favour Mercedes stars Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. The Silver Arrows have been one of the most affected by porpoising this season with Hamilton complaining of back pains at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
The new changes will mean teams must raise the floor edges of their cars by at least 25mm for next season. Manufacturers will also have to raise the underfloor diffuser and will be subject to more stringent lateral floor deflection tests.
A new sensor to measure oscillations will also be introduced to stop any team from running their cars too low to the ground. The FIA said that although major issues had been reported in recent Grands Prix, the nature of the circuits means they were not expected to cause problems anyway.
But, they warn there will be races in the coming months where more porpoising is “expected” to be an issue. The FIA even stressed there could be a “worsening” of the porpoising effects once engineers find more downforce for their cars.
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Drivers will need to stiffen their plank skids as a short-term fix from the Belgian Grand Prix. A new metric to measure the amount of bouncing will also come into force from Spa with drivers able to trial this at next weekend’s French Grand Prix.
However, officials stressed these temporary fixes were not considered to be a valid long-term solution to the problem. The new measures will be approved shortly so teams can redesign their cars in time for the next season after a Technical Advisory Committee meeting was held between the FIA, Formula 1 and the Technical Directors of all 10 F1 teams on Thursday.
A statement from the FIA added the decisions had been made for “safety” purposes.
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They reiterated the verdict had been reached without being influenced by any team’s competitive instincts after some manufacturers hit back over any possible rules updates.
The statement read: “The FIA reaffirmed its strong commitment to reduce and hopefully eliminate the issue in the near term, as it is considered to be a significant safety matter. It is the responsibility and the prerogative of the FIA to intervene for safety matters, and the reason the regulations allow such measures to be taken is precisely to allow decisions to be taken without being influenced by the competitive position each team may find themselves in.”
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