Max Verstappen makes stern career pledge for life after F1 with Red Bull – 'No way' – Express

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Max Verstappen has ruled out any career in Formula One once he eventually decides to retire as a driver, preferring to work on other ‘fun things’ than remain in the sport as an advisor or team principal. 
Max Verstappen
At just 24-years-old and with a Red Bull contract until 2028, it is unlikely that Verstappen will quit the sport anytime soon. However, once he does decide to leave it seems highly unlikely he will be seen in the paddock in a working capacity again. 
The Dutchman may look to follow in the footsteps of his father Jos. Verstappen senior continues to compete in rally car racing in his spare time, something Max may look to do in the future. 
In an impassioned interview alongside his father for Dutch magazine Formule1, the reigning World Champion said: “You will not see me again as an analyst or in a team role. No way!
“I don’t have the motivation for that. If I don’t drive myself anymore, I want to do other fun things,” he added.
Jos and Max Verstappen
Most of Verstappen’s life has revolved around the sport, initially spending years of his youth trying to prepare himself for a career in the sport under Jos’ demand. He has raced in F1 for his entire adult life, after he was the youngest driver ever to race in the sport at 17-years-old. Seven years later, with 148 race starts and 24 wins to his name, he is now certain he wants to move on when his career in the cockpit finished. 
“Your whole life revolves around racing now, Formula 1, you name it, at some point you are done with that,” he explained. “It will be good to step away from that for a while.” 
Kimi Raikkonen became the latest former F1 driver to attempt a different driving experience after his time in the sport. The 2007 World Champion has confirmed he will compete in the NASCAR Cup in August. 
Verstappen may look to follow in his footsteps – but one move that does not appeal to him is a bid to win the Triple Crown. The accolade includes wins in the Monaco Grand Prix, which he has, but also success in the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24 Hour race. Fernando Alonso tried to claim the crown during his two year hiatus from the sport, he succeeded in Le Mans but failed in the Indianapolis leaving Graham Hill as the only man to ever complete the feat. 
“I’ve no desire to chase the Triple Crown, at least not IndyCar,” Verstappen said in the aftermath of the Monaco Grand Prix. “I appreciate what they do. It’s insane, I have a lot of respect for what these drivers achieve there.
“I, of course, try to be good in F1, I try to be good in whatever I do, but that desire of the Triple Crown or whatever – not interested.”
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