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Mick Schumacher’s F1 career has hit a troublesome bump this season. With only 12 championship points to his name, Schumacher seems to be struggling to make his mark with Haas. And the Haas team is not patient enough to let this slide without action.
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Haas team principal Guenther Steiner recently stated in an interview the other options they are considering for 2023, including Nico Hulkenberg.
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Mick Schumacher’s term with Haas will come to an end this season, and it looks like Guenther Steiner is not keen on renewing it.
Steiner remarked that there is only a 50-50 chance of Mick being re-signed with Haas post-2022.
It appears Aston Martin’s reserve, Nico Hulkenberg, is a strong contender for a seat at Haas.
“I think the fans would love it.” Steiner smiled. “A man like Nico brings a lot of experience with him.
Earlier there had been talks of Steiner’s interest in Daniel Ricciardo as a replacement for Schumacher. However, at this point, the Haas team principal only said that with Ricciardo, it is up to him if he wants to come on board and not a matter of Haas pursuing him.
“What we are asking is what a driver can contribute to making the team better,” Steiner said on the subject of their requirements. “How much risk are we willing to take? In the end, the gut feeling we have is something that cannot be calculated mathematically.”
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Gut feeling or not, chances look to be high that Nico Hulkenberg will replace the young German driver come 2023.
Meanwhile, Mick Schumacher’s chances do not seem very bright if Haas chooses to let him go.
The promising 23-year-old driver has not had the best season so far. As his Ferrari Driver’s Academy contract comes to a close by the end of 2023, it seems like the Italian team will also not renew it.
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With Mick, as we said at the start of the season, it’s important for him this season to improve. We will in a few races sit down with him, make a balance of the season, and we’ll do that as well together with Haas and decide his best future,” Mattia Binotto explained.
Haas is not known to be the best place for new drivers. While Mick Schumacher has had a rough season, that is not to say he cannot do better. If anything, his performance trajectory proves otherwise.
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If not Haas, one can only hope that Schumacher junior will find a more patient and nurturing place to drive for, one where his talents will flourish more.
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